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Comment: Re:Corporate IT vs Employees (Score 1) 348

by freeclimber (#13462903) Attached to: Charges Against High School Hackers Dropped
- Banning of Instant Messaging: Are you supposed to be working or chatting with your friends? - Filtering of websites beyond porn: Are you supposed to be working or browing websites? - Banning any Palm-like device, except the corporate one. This makes caring for your computer related equipment easier. I no longer have to worry about odd programs installed. - disabling USB ports: There are two reasons for this. One is that I don't want you installing any devices that aren't corporate sponsored. Also you, or anyone else, could use it to theoretically steal data. - disabling Wifi: If you have a hardwired network connection why do you need Wifi? It is just another security issue I have to worry about. - banning alternative browsers and all kinds of utilities: Any program you install is one that could make the system unstable. We test the builds of computer systems so that they are stable. Also it adds to a security risk. The program you install could have a vulnerability. - limiting the size of mailboxes: Disk space costs money. Exchange servers cost money. Maintaining them costs money. - disallowing or crippling desktop search: I am not sure why they would do this one. It is possible they don't want you touching certain files to circumvent there security. - disallowing or crippling streaming media: Are you supposed to be working or playing on the internet? Bandwidth costs money. Certain types of media can lead to lawsuits. - Creating lengthy processes for getting new software on your desktop: We have to support the software. We have to install the software. We don't want to do this often. Also most people are not trying to install something that will help them in their job but some stupid screen saver that will cause the user to complain when the computer is slow. I can't believe you actually posted all of those things when the reasons are actually pretty self evident. When you are maintaining a network of 50,000 and a virus outbreak could cause you to lose your job you get pretty anal about what lazy workers want to do with the companies computers.

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