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Comment I hate these kind of arguments (Score 1) 689 689

If the President truly fears that international students will use skills learned at U.S. colleges and universities to the detriment of the United States if they return home ... then wouldn't another option be not providing them with the skills in the first place?

It is if you think less education and less freedom in the world is a good thing.

Comment Re:Resolution independent layout (Score 1) 171 171

Unless there's something I missed, that article says windows 8 doesn't support resolution independent layout. It says windows 8 does layout in pixels, but scales every thing up for certain devices (they can have scale factors of either 100%, 140% or 180%).

Comment Resolution independent layout (Score 1) 171 171

I can't believe modern devices still don't support resolution independent layout, especially on tablets. All they would have to do is design displays to send their ppi as well as their resolution to the computer, then change the operating system to make that data available programs.

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