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Comment: Re:Show me the actual accident data (Score 1) 358

by fred fleenblat (#39255301) Attached to: Smartphones More Dangerous Than Alcohol, When Driving

there was a suggestion a while back that overall accident rates have remained about the same, slightly decreasing as cars become safer from airbags and whatnot, but the choices available for officers to make when writing up accidents tends to be more dynamic.

what might have been written up as "driver lost control of vehicle" 10 years ago perhaps now the officer asks if they have a cell phone and then writes down "driver distraction" instead. the actual accident rates and situations may have changed less than our descriptions of them has, so the statistics that we get are measures of semantics rather than mechanisms.

Comment: my wish list item for comment threads (Score 1) 393

by fred fleenblat (#36076442) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Going Beyond Comment Threads?

what I'd like is a comment system where the comments are shared across sites.

If a popular news item comes up, I might be interested in the editorial slant at theregister, but perhaps I first saw it on digg, and there's a tech angle at slashdot that's interesting too. It's the same *story* and I want different news outlets to do their own research, conclusions, and editorializing, but it would be cool if the comments were shared so that if someone posted a witty +5 remark on slashdot, people on digg would see it and could respond there, even if they don't have a slashdot account.

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