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+ - Apple Debuts iPhone

Submitted by freaktheclown
freaktheclown (826263) writes "Apple introduced the long-rumored iPhone today as a 3-in-1 widescreen iPod, mobile phone and "internet communicator." The iPhone features a 3.5-inch touchscreen (with a "multi-input" input method), up to 8GB in flash memory, the ability to sycn songs and videos with iTunes, WiFi and Bluetooth. It will run on Cingular's GSM network and be available in June of this year."

+ - Apple Ships Some iPods With Windows Virus

Submitted by freaktheclown
freaktheclown (826263) writes "Apple has acknowledged that some ("25 or so") iPods shipped with a Windows virus, RavMonE.exe. From the article: "According to Apple, less than one percent of their 5.5G iPod shipments made after September 12th have a little present in the form of the RavMonE.exe virus, which propagates via mass storage devices, and purportedly had infected a PC at the manufacturer where the iPods were produced. Apple has received 25 or so reports of the problem, which they learned of a week ago, and they've 'been working around the clock to identify the problem and discover its root cause.'""

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