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Comment Scewed by the reviewer. (Score 4, Interesting) 337

The 'facts' are not always truth, and the reviewers have their own bias. Here is a great example, the War of 1812. In the US they teach how England was the belligerent and that it was a war between the US and England, defending the US from England. In Canada, they teach that the US was the aggressor. In other parts of the world they teach that the US sided with Napoleon and include the war as part of the Napoleonic wars. Which is truth?

Comment Community Support (Score 5, Insightful) 437

Where I am they chose SpineJS a few years ago, looked like a great language, easy, etc. After a few years, one thing we noticed was the lack of online help when you run into issues. It's just not that widely used. Rust is ranked 49th on Tiobe. Maybe it will be the next best thing, but if it isn't, you'll be stuck with something that has little community support.

Comment Re:How gracefully does it fail? (Score 1) 147

If only there were a measurement for how powerful electricity really is.....( hint hint...its called Watts ) I remember the good ol' days of disposable cameras...taking a single AA battery to charge a 150V capacitor that was meant to power the flash. Instead, it powered my shock box...pretty good kick for being powered by a AA battery.

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