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Comment: Old news...problem already addressed. (Score 2) 72

by freak0fnature (#48152827) Attached to: Designing Tomorrow's Air Traffic Control Systems
That's because Boston isn't utilizing decent surface management software. Busier airports like Atlanta and JFK do, so if you want to do a real study, study an airport that has already addressed this issue. http://www.airtrafficmanagemen...

Comment: Complain to the supplier! (Score 1) 204

I bought a USB temperature reader and the software that came with it would not even run. After 2 weeks of complaining to the manufacturer (in China) I complained to the website that I bought it from. The software was fixed the next day. It turns out the supplier (also in China) had a close business relationship with the manufacturer and basically told them to fix it. I never quite understood how they could let it get to the point of burning software CDs with software that didn't work at all.

Comment: Only 40%? (Score 2) 256

by freak0fnature (#47613523) Attached to: 40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties
Realistically, how many people share the same name as a terrorist? I had a friend by the name of Chris Johnson who had been flagged. If one Chris Johnson is a bad guy...all the rest are not, and I bet that's a lot of Johnsons. What made it funny was that he had a top secret clearance but still got flagged at airports.

Comment: Working with UPS to find it? (Score 4, Interesting) 157

The last time UPS messed up a delivery for me, their automated phone system told me where it was. When I talked to a real person and explained that my package was not delivered, he had the address where it was delivered on the computer, and the address of where it was supposed to go as well. (It was a mile away on a completely different street...I'm assuming his next stop. I just went and got it myself, just asked about a package that wasn't theirs.)

The real question is, if they have the capability to know where it was really delivered, why would they not program the handhelds to make all sorts of noise when the delivery guy screws up?

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