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Comment Why Brute Force PIN? (Score 1) 187

I'd be more concerned that you can use first name, last name and phone number. Your example takes 10000 PIN attempts with a given first and last name, where you could script it to go through a phone book and have legitimate combinations of the 3. The same goes for email. And on that note, the article just says success indicates if the account exists....I don't see anything about actually being able to reset your own password using this method.

Comment Junk science (Score 1) 83

So the theory is that there were 2...they collided...and are still 2. They are made of similar stuff too, before and after. I'm sorry, how do we know they impacted again? Oh right...they are slightly different ages...we've mastered that whole dating thing back to 14 billion years. Wait, that doesn't mean they collided...hmmm I'm stumped.

Comment Parentlessness (Score 1) 324

44% of single mother families are in poverty, who knows how many of those mothers are even around when working more than one job. If no one teaches them the basics, who will? Only 12% of families with both parents at home are in poverty, and in most cases, at least one parent is around (if they were both working 2 jobs, they wouldn't be in poverty). Sounds like the real problem is single mother could argue this is a moral problem, stepping away from traditional families to the lifestyles we live now.

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 486

Agreed. It doesn't even mention using StringBuffers or anything else that is designed to increase the performance of String concatenations, or even simply using a 1MB byte or char array. Not only did they fail in their programming, they failed to understand that the disk has its own memory, and their 1MB string is small enough to fit there before being physically stored on disk.

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