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Comment: Old news...problem already addressed. (Score 2) 72

by freak0fnature (#48152827) Attached to: Designing Tomorrow's Air Traffic Control Systems
That's because Boston isn't utilizing decent surface management software. Busier airports like Atlanta and JFK do, so if you want to do a real study, study an airport that has already addressed this issue. http://www.airtrafficmanagemen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment: Complain to the supplier! (Score 1) 204

I bought a USB temperature reader and the software that came with it would not even run. After 2 weeks of complaining to the manufacturer (in China) I complained to the website that I bought it from. The software was fixed the next day. It turns out the supplier (also in China) had a close business relationship with the manufacturer and basically told them to fix it. I never quite understood how they could let it get to the point of burning software CDs with software that didn't work at all.

Comment: Only 40%? (Score 2) 256

by freak0fnature (#47613523) Attached to: 40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties
Realistically, how many people share the same name as a terrorist? I had a friend by the name of Chris Johnson who had been flagged. If one Chris Johnson is a bad guy...all the rest are not, and I bet that's a lot of Johnsons. What made it funny was that he had a top secret clearance but still got flagged at airports.

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