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What Georgia should be saying right now

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  • It is certainly tempting to play the moral equivalence card.
    Particularly, if your span of time encompasses the Soviet era, when the US played fast-and-loose in Afghanistan to thwart Soviet adventurism there.
    If you're taking the historical tack, though, recall that the Rus have a history of marching South going back to Peter the Great at least.
    It's also worth pointing out that, unlike Putin, Bush shan't put on a show of relinquishing power after the US election via a re-arrangement of chairs. His arguabl
    • by pudge (3605) * Works for Slashdot

      To me the most interesting point to make here in re: Bush's involvement is ... why is Bush is to blame for not doing something no other President has ever been able to do: prevent Russia from slapping around other "Soviet" nations?

      Seriously. Might as well blame Bush for France's arrogance, or Switzerland's neutrality.

      • Well, the "Blame Bush" angle is the whacky business about "looking into Putin's soul".
        The missile shield in Poland is a rather fine response, especially the "come to their aid" bit.
        The operational truth is that you would have to _really_ want to flex to get any material to Georgia--you're coming through the Caucasus (no) or the Dardanelles (almost no). If we really wanted to put Georgia in our sphere of influence, the smarter thing would be to bring them into NATO (which didn't work earlier this year) or

I've got a bad feeling about this.