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Comment: Pressure Cookers are faster and the most efficient (Score 5, Insightful) 204

by frank249 (#47442985) Attached to: Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster

When I was in the military and trying to cook frozen food over a camp stove in the Arctic we used pressure cookers. It is fast and heated the food completely without burning the bottom. It is also the most energy-efficient method of cooking Now if they added the flare design to a pressure cooker they might have the best of both designs.

Comment: Re:Why not underground? (Score 3, Informative) 94

by frank249 (#47190421) Attached to: Mars Base Design Competition Open To Non-Scientific Professionals

Underground habitats are required not only due to the radiation threat but also due to the cold temperatures. The average temperature is -55C. Surface temperatures may reach a high of about 20 C (293 K; 68 F) at noon, at the equator, and a low of about 153 C (120 K; 243 F) at the poles. Actual temperature measurements at the Viking landers' site range from 17.2 C (256.0 K; 1.0 F) to 107 C (166 K; 161 F). The warmest soil temperature on the Mars surface estimated by the Viking Orbiter was 27 C (300 K; 81 F).

Images from the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) aboard NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter have revealed seven possible cave entrances on the flanks of the volcano Arsia Mons. The caves, named after loved ones of their discoverers, are collectively known as the "seven sisters." Cave entrances measure from 100 m to 252 m wide and they are believed to be at least 73 m to 96 m deep. Because light does not reach the floor of most of the caves, it is possible that they extend much deeper than these lower estimates and widen below the surface. "Dena" is the only exception; its floor is visible and was measured to be 130 m deep. The interiors of these caverns may be protected from micrometeoroids, UV radiation, solar flares and high energy particles that bombard the planet's surface.

Comment: Reusable booster rocket (Score 3, Informative) 48

by frank249 (#46565117) Attached to: SpaceX Resupply Mission To Launch March 30

SpaceX,will also achieve a spaceflight first.

After delivering cargo to the International Space Station, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket used for the flight will fire its engines for the second time. The burn will allow the rocket to reenter the atmosphere in controlled flight, without breaking up and disintegrating on the way down as most booster rockets do.

After recovering the rocket from the water on Sunday, SpaceX engineers and technicians will study it to determine what it would take to refurbish such a rocket for reuse. SpaceX also has plans to recover and reuse the second stage rocket, but for now, it will recover only the first stage and its nine Merlin engines, which make up the bulk of the cost of the rocket.

Comment: It could have been just an elaborate heist (Score 1) 436

by frank249 (#46493925) Attached to: Malaysian Flight Disappearance 'Deliberate'

They have not released the cargo manifest yet. Who knows, there might have been hundreds of millions of dollars worth of diamonds or art or cash/bearer bonds on board. They would not need more than a 5,000 ft runway to land on if they did not plan to take off again. They could even have pulled a 'Thunderball' landing on the water and then camouflaged the plane with nets. This makes as much or even more sense than many of the other theories. If they never find the plane, it will have been the perfect crime.

Comment: Christine Jorgensen (Score 1) 784

by frank249 (#44643697) Attached to: Bradley Manning Wants To Live As a Woman

Christine Jorgensen in 1952 was an American who was the first person to become widely known in the United States for having sex reassignment surgery—in this case, male to female. She had served in the Army before going to Sweden for the sex change operation. I think it was Bob Hope who quiped that "Christine Jorgensen was the first guy to go abroad and come back a broad."

Comment: QNX and BB10 (Score 2) 90

by frank249 (#42752997) Attached to: Yes, PlayBook Does Get BlackBerry 10 Update

BB10 and the Playbook OS are both based on QNX which is also in 60% of all car infotainment units. Rock solid micro kernal OS that is also used in nuclear plants and medical devices. I have used my Playbook for over two years now and it has new crashed. Apps install without having to reboot. I think many people will be pleasantly surprised with how well BB10 and QNX just works. It also sets the stage for more integration between smartphones, tablets, and car systems.

As for the update to the Playbook, says that a new version of the Bridge program is in Appworld now which means that the Playbook update to BB10 could be any day now.

Comment: Gas Prices (Score 1) 1387

I am convinced that the real reason Trudeau brought the metric system to Canada was that it would be easier to add taxes to the price of gas. Prime Minister Joe Clark was defeated in part based on the fact that he proposed a 17 cent a gallon tax on gas. Trudeau came in and imposed a tax of 10 cents a litre and no body said anything. Even today the price of gas can go up 10 cents over night. I can just imagine the uproar in the US if gas rose 40 cent/gallon over night.

While Canada has been officialy metric for 40 years most people I meet still think in imperial units and I have to explain to my wife what it means when 10 cm of snow is forecast.

Comment: The US military already has almost everything (Score 1) 184

by frank249 (#42245441) Attached to: US Nuclear Industry Plans "Rescue Wagon" To Avert Meltdowns

In the case of a Fukishima type nuclear emergency, the US military already has the most of the equipment need for a quick response such as generators, armoured vehicles, radiation monitors, airlift etc. Under 18 U.S.C. 831, the Attorney General may request that the Secretary of Defense provide emergency assistance if civilian law enforcement is inadequate to address certain types of threats involving the release of nuclear materials. Such assistance may be by any personnel under the authority of the Department of Defense, provided such assistance does not adversely affect U.S. military preparedness.

Comment: Intelligence (Score 1) 221

by frank249 (#40882039) Attached to: Bilingual Kids Show More Creativity

I found something similar when I was doing my psychology thesis in 1990. I found that my bilingual participants, when compared to uni-lingual participants, had a statistically significant difference in their high school leaving grades, first year university grades and on a test of general mental ability (g). At the time I thought it made sense as the same abilities you use to learn a second language (memory, language skills, cognition) are also measures that an individual needs to learn academic subjects. I did not look at creativity but problem solving is a related ability and is considered a component of g. I think Schmidt and Hunter were right when they said every measure of success is related to g.

Comment: Re:That's an easy one (Score 1) 683

by frank249 (#40555705) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Implications of Finding the Higgs Boson?

Expect the next Star Trek series to explain warp drive as "an artifical inhibition of the Higgs field, allowing conventional matter to transition past light speed."

Star Trek incorrectly explained that by referring to 'inertia dampers' when they should have said 'inertia negation'. Inertia dampers are real devices but they have a completely different purpose.

In Star Trek, Inertia damping/negation is used to counter the effects of sudden acceleration that would impart structural stresses on star ships when suddenly accelerating to or decelerating with the impulse drive, and which would cause passengers to be thrown against walls and crushed by the inertial effects of the vehicle suddenly accelerating or slowing.

Such a device does not need to negate or alter inertia – a similar effect can be achieved by creating a gravitational field opposing the acceleration of the vessel. Such technology, while still nonexistent at the present time and considered unlikely to be achieved in the foreseeable future, is by far more realistic than manipulating inertial mass however maybe they will decide to capitalise on the Higgs discovery and refer to some form of Higgs shielding.

Comment: A 7" Tablet is a better solution (Score 4, Informative) 339

by frank249 (#40353179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Instead of a Laptop, a Tiny Computer and Projector?

I used to lug a laptop on business trips but now I can get by with just my Blackberry and Playbook. The Playbook has HDMI out so I can use a big screen TV at the other end to show my presentations and videos using my blackberry as a remote. The Playbook fits in my inside jacket pocket so it is ideal for these kind of trips.


+ - Discovery offers hope for cancer,heart disease and stroke miricle drugs->

Submitted by
frank249 writes "A team of University of Ottawa researchers has solved the mystery of how our bodies adapt to low-oxygen environments, raising the prospect that life-threatening conditions such as cancer, stroke and heart disease could someday be successfully treated using a simple, antibiotic-like drug.

The team’s findings were published Sunday in Nature, the world’s leading scientific journal. “It’s a tremendously important discovery in understanding how life without oxygen works,” said Dr. Stephen Lee, a professor in the university’s Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, whose laboratory did the groundbreaking research.
“These are very basic processes of life,” Lee said. “It’s kind of strange that we discovered this in the 21st century. That tells you there are still basic processes that we just don’t know exist.”"

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