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Comment: Re:Not only graphics (Score 1) 568

by francium goes boom (#35435320) Attached to: How the PC Is Making Consoles Look Out of Date

You also don't have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on upgrades in order to play the latest games. I don't know if this last point is true or not, but that perception is pretty prevalent in my experience.

This statement is just down right false. My last computer I build myself 3 years ago and spent just a little over $500 on and was able to play any game, except for crysis, at Medium to Medium high settings. At the time a PS3 cost either $400 or $500. Since then I have just made on upgrade to my GPU, which was unnecessary but I got a small bonus and wanted to splurge. Even now, my q6600, 8800GT, and 4gb RAM would be more than enough to play any current game at reasonable quality and resolutions.

There are a few extra costs with a PC, like the OS, but the cost difference is not as large and upgrades are not as expensive as they use to be. The best arguement I can come up with in the Console vs PC war is that the console is much more of a social gaming experience than the PC is.

Comment: No more Intel from Dell (Score 1) 325

by francium goes boom (#35210020) Attached to: AMD Sale to Dell Rumored

I just don't see this happening. While I feel that Dell could handle a 2 tier business and succeed a move like this would more likely hurt their bottom line.

While AMD is currently offered in many of their product lines, they would have to covert their ENTIRE product line over to AMD. Intel would probably pull out and no longer be available through Dell. Why would you continue to support your major competitor?
Because of this Dell risks losing many contracts from businesses that need to keep configurations similar, favor Intel, or a host of other reasons. I don't see the savings of having complete vertical control of the product line overcoming the hit from loss of contracts.

Comment: Re:Enforceability of service level agreements (Score 1) 259

by francium goes boom (#35056764) Attached to: Facebook-Deprived Man Sues For $500K

Have you tried reading the user agreement? Then try the privacy policy, the damn thing is longer than the constitution and I'd say 90% of America hasn't even read that! Most of the time these agreements are so full of legalese that the average person can't even understand them if they do read them.

Comment: Re:PR nightmare (Score 1) 292

by francium goes boom (#34745712) Attached to: Apple Support Company Sues Customer For Complaint

You are right. Send your computer directly to Apple and they could care less how long the repair takes. Usually the repairs are completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Take the repair to an authorized apple repair shop and they most certainly care. The shops get reimbursed based on how long the repair takes, how many parts are used in the repair, and customer feedback with several tiers of rates. The difference can mean $40 for a hard drive replacement or $65. Quite a big difference for a ~20 min repair.

Apple also puts almost a draconian levels of expectations on the repairs. Each repair is expected to have ~3 day turn around time and no more than 1 part per repair. If shipping is delayed or the part isn't in stock, not their problem it goes against your record. Have a power supply go bad and take out most of the components? Too bad, your service rating takes a hit for that repair.

Their are SOME cases where the service center can get the service rating fixed, like 3 week back ordered parts, but not many.

I would always take my Apple to a service center and not directly to Apple for warranty repairs. 90% of the time it is faster and better quality work. The only advantage of taking it to Apple is that you can yell at them to get free stuff.

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