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Comment: Re:Bad data (Score 2) 105

by francium de neobie (#45171663) Attached to: Tech's Highest-Paid Engineers Are At Juniper
Well, I'd rather save $2k - $3k every month and have housemates. That's $36k per year of extra cash for Christ's sake. You roll that into Tesla in the beginning of this year and now it's $150k (okay you'd need to be quite lucky to do this); or you roll that into BitCoins whenever there's a panic; or you just save it up and wait for the next market crash. But as you can see.. if you save and invest that, it becomes Porsche or even Ferrari money pretty quickly.

... and... that's still not enough for a good house :(

Comment: Re:Bad data (Score 1) 105

by francium de neobie (#45170971) Attached to: Tech's Highest-Paid Engineers Are At Juniper
If you're a fresh grad or a young person making good salary, you can always rent a single family house and share it with a few teammates. I've been doing this for 2 years now and rent expenditure has been pretty low for me.

The real problem though.. is even if you make $200k+ per year here, it's still difficult to buy a house in a decent school district.

Comment: Sell it! (Score 1) 358

by francium de neobie (#41896691) Attached to: Should a Teenage Entrepreneur Sell Out To Facebook?
There's a lot of trash talk in startup circles (the, I work 120 hours per week and everyone in my team is a rockstar, kind. or, I'm sure my company will be worth 10x more than Facebook, kind. etc.) - but in the end of the day, $million dollar offers don't occur every day considering how many people are looking for exactly what you're being offered. I once had a $2M offer for my startup when business was good, but as soon as business went south for various reasons, everything is gone. I don't regret it too much - I got a nice job in a different company after my startup folded - but I'm not a millionaire now.

Yes, I'm sure you think your company will be worth $10B+ in a 5 years down the road right now - everybody does. And I can bet a big part of that perception is caused by the VCs and other entrepreneurs you talked to. Let me give you a clear answer to that as someone who has-been: even considering you're someone extraordinary, that's extremely unlikely. I don't mean to break your spirit, but you need a lot more than just being smart, hard working and charismatic to do that.

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