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Comment: Re:Some googling (Score 1) 88

by francis-giraldeau (#34215878) Attached to: Kernel Tracing With LTTng On Ubuntu Maverick
Trace points in the kernel are available, and this is great, but there are many more than that. You need a good ring buffer lock less to not impact performances and all the infrastructure for this. For example, you can't do flight recording with perf and it's impact performance is greater due to less sophisticated ring buffers.

Comment: Re:That it is safe to use in a production environm (Score 2, Interesting) 88

by francis-giraldeau (#34215846) Attached to: Kernel Tracing With LTTng On Ubuntu Maverick
With DTrace, you have to know what you are looking for in advance, while LTTng can trace in background in flight recording mode and record everything that is going on. Then, afterward you can have all the information you need, and this is invaluable when you have a hard to reproduce bug!

Comment: Re:See the light? (Score 2, Insightful) 88

by francis-giraldeau (#34215836) Attached to: Kernel Tracing With LTTng On Ubuntu Maverick
We are waiting for decent kernel tracing since a decade, while LTTng is readily available today. It's better than any other tools like perf, ftrace and dtrace. Microsoft Windows has the Event Tracing for Windows since 2003, and if Linux wants to be taken seriously, it has to be mainline and available without kernel patching. And, I think that users should not be experts to use that kind of tools.

Comment: Re:Goal of the PhD work? (Score 4, Informative) 88

by francis-giraldeau (#34215794) Attached to: Kernel Tracing With LTTng On Ubuntu Maverick
Kernel tracing instrumentation is ready, now we need decent analysis tools. The problem is that there is so much data, that it's hard to interpret them. For the project, I have to come up with something that is new and better that what is already known. For example, we could get a better analysis than bootchart, or auto detect bottlenecks in a system (disk, CPU, memory, network, etc...). There are some work done to integrate userspace and kernel space tracing, virtual machine and host traces, dynamic and static trace points. For a distro, they could record a trace in background and send this information allong with the core dump when an application crash occur. That's all ideas!

+ - Kernel Tracing with LTTng on Ubuntu Maverick->

Submitted by francis-giraldeau
francis-giraldeau (1939602) writes "Linux Tracing Toolkit (LTTng) provides high performance kernel tracing for Linux. This is the killer app for system level debugging and performance tuning. It's now easier to install than ever with packages released for Ubuntu Maverick. The short introduction to kernel tracing shows how to interpret a simple kernel trace and relate it to strace. I would like to ask slashdot readers about what they would expect as features for kernel tracing analysis tool, because I'm starting my PhD on this topic and looking for ideas. Also, I wonder why LTTng is not mainline yet, despite the fact that it's highly valuable. Will Linus Torvalds see the light for 2011?"
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