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Submission + - My PC is talking to thepiratebay.org, why ? 1

FraKtus writes: "My latest scan of my brave home PC suddenly start showing that I have a few parasites in my machine. One of those is ZenoSearch and I was curious to see what kind of activities over the wire is performed by this bot. So I fired Wireshark and started logging my traffic. I was surprised to see that my machine send regular request to the thepiratebay.org, login with a funky user name badfood / qweqweqweasdasdasd ... So what is the deal for a torrent web site such as thepirateay.org of having zombies sending useless request to their web site ? Just increasing their bandwidth bill ?

Another url visited is url.adtrgt.com that is connected to MyGeek.com..."

Submission + - QuickTime 7.1.3 breaking compatibility with flash!

FraKtus writes: "Silently Apple has switched off the capacity for QuickTime to read flash files (*.swf).

This means that all the application that relies on QuickTime to playback flash files are breaking since the update to 7.1.3. The solution is to open the QuickTime preference go the the expert tab and click on "Enable Flash". There was no warnings from Apple that they were planing to do so and even if the Flash support in QuickTime lag behind the latest Macromedia Flash Player this is a nasty discovery.

Here is the laconic explication on the Apple Web site:
http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=304 341"

Help! I'm trapped in a PDP 11/70!