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Comment: Re:That backfired. (Score 1) 325

by fraktus (#37307944) Attached to: Samsung Halts Galaxy Tablet Promotion In Germany

-excellent software selection

Is it only me, but not being able to develop in C++ is a show stopper...
Ok I know there is the NDK, tried that done that... having to read an tutorial of several pages to explain how to attach your debugger is not for me. I would be glad to pay for an IDE with a comfortable debugger in C++ for Android... until that I stay coding on my Mac...

Comment: Re:Android does have a C/C++ (Score 1) 90

by fraktus (#34669434) Attached to: VLC For Android May Arrive In Early 2011
What about debugging C++ code with the NDK?
I found that very painful with the previous version of the NDK. I am sure the guys from VLC tried to run their code since a long time but found it not easy. I got some openGL code running with it but when I started to have problems and needed to debug my app it was too painful...

+ - SPAM: Chanel Flap Handbag

Submitted by lbsilitrade
lbsilitrade (1925724) writes "The trend had started with the Chanel 2.55, a classic Chanel Flap Handbag with double chain to hang on the shoulder. This bag was invented by Coco Chanel herself, and since that time, the design has undergone many changes and improvements."
Link to Original Source

+ - Vatican Warns Against 'Excessive Zeal' for IP-> 3

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Vatican has written an encyclical warning that 'excessive zeal' for IP rights is harmful. They're not against IP per se, but they are concerned with the problems caused by things like drug patents, which leave the citizens of poor countries unable to afford medicine. In essence, they're arguing that a 'fair regime of intellectual property rights should aim toward the good of all' and that current regimes fall short."
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+ - Bredolab botnet taken down->

Submitted by sciencewatcher
sciencewatcher (1699186) writes "The High Tech Crime Team (THTC) of the Dutch Crime Squad today announced the takedown of a dangerous botnet. The botnet had infected at least 30 million computers worldwide. The botnet was part of the Bredolab network, used by cybercriminals to distribute malware to unsuspecting users’ computers. Users of computers with viruses from this network will receive a notice of at the time of next login with information on the degree of infection. They will receive helpful advice on removing the viruses from their system."
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Comment: Re:Testimony (Score 1) 131

by fraktus (#33920276) Attached to: Benoit Mandelbrot Dies At 85
When I interview developers I show then a shader that draws the Mandelbrot fractal and I ask them what language do you think is this code written and of course what do you think is going to be displayed by this so small code loop, this is leading me to very interesting discussion with the candidate!

Comment: The real issue behind this, how to license... (Score 1) 85

by fraktus (#30502786) Attached to: Vimeo Sued For Audio Infringement
To me the real problem of this post is that it's just so difficult to find music to use on your video work.

There should be a way to buy, on a reasonable way, the right to add some music to my holiday videos...

There are a few initiatives out there such as Jamendo but we should be able to license more music to be included in home brewed videos... And guess what the industry could even make some profit from that :-)

Comment: The only good thing is that they remove content... (Score 1) 366

by fraktus (#29709577) Attached to: Warez Moving From BitTorrent to Conventional Hosting Services
For me as a developer fighting software piracy I can at least ask to Rapidshare to remove copyrighted content, and thanks to the web search services I can receive warnings when new version are poping out... Of course it's a lot of work but it's worth doing it.

Comment: Re:Positive move? (Score 3, Informative) 297

by fraktus (#29081591) Attached to: GPL Case Against Danish Satellite Provider
In europe we have a lot of sat receivers built around Linux. I personally use a Dreambox. There are many variations on the distributions with different add ons and themes for interface. My favorite is the Gemini. The ecosystem is very well and alive and is centered around many forums where people exchange their experience

I wonder if this provider uses something based on the Dreambox.

The providers very often don't support using those Linux receiver because they have more options then the locked down proprietary receiver. By example my setup has a rotor so that I can pick many positions and different providers. Another cool thing is that you can stream on your local network the video and see it with VLC on any computer in your home, something that proprietary boxes never allow...

The problem is that there are several Chinese clones because if the software is GPL the hardware is not open sourced.

+ - New Online Auction Website is Hyper-Addictive

Submitted by zacronos
zacronos (937891) writes "A new online auction website called has figured out a better way to part fools from their money. According to Mark Gimein at, 'fiendishly plays on every irrational impulse buyers have to draw them in to what might be the crack cocaine of online shopping sites'. Unlike eBay, owns the items being sold via auction. The final prices themselves look like great deals, for example a MacBook Pro for $35.86. The catch is that every bid costs $.60, and in a standard auction each bid can only raise the price by $.12, though in a 'penny auction' the raise is a mere $.01. The result is that makes far more money on bid fees than on the purchase price of the item, making their auctions behave in some ways more like lotteries, while keeping the addictive properties of each. The article has a full analysis."

+ - Aussie-made virtual humans better than real staff?

Submitted by
MadMatt writes "Always on time, never hungover, able to speak many languages and happy to work day and night, Australian designed virtual humans — CyberTwins — are serving as advanced customer support robots for organisations like NASA, AMP and National Australia Bank. Communicating through instant messaging, or voice recognition with third party plug-ins, the Web-based AI constructs are capable of interacting with thousands of clients a second, 24/7, with higher accuracy, up-sell rates and customer satisfaction levels than real people."

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