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Thousands of Blackbirds Fall From Sky Dead 577

Posted by samzenpus
from the silent-spring dept.
Dan East writes "In a fashion worthy of a King or Hitchcock novel, blackbirds began to fall from the sky dead in Arkansas yesterday. Somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 birds rained down on the small town of Beeb, Arkansas, with no visible trauma. Officials are making wild guesses as to what happened — lightning strike, high-altitude hail, or perhaps trauma from the sound of New Year's fireworks killed them."
PlayStation (Games)

Piracy and the PSP 272

Posted by Soulskill
from the arrr-ye-hearties dept.
In a lengthy interview with Gamasutra about the state of the Playstation brand in 2009, Sony's senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, made some interesting comments about how piracy has affected their popular portable console, the PSP. He said, "we're convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP," a platform that was slow to start anyway due to the lack of early interest from game developers. Dille mentions that while they can fight piracy with hardware upgrades in new versions, that doesn't do anything to help the roughly 50 million PSPs already out there. He goes on to address other aspects of the PlayStation line, including complaints about the pricing and exclusivity.

Comment: Re:In other news (Score 1) 404

by frakfrakfrak (#22183464) Attached to: Motley Fool Writes Off Microsoft

They base each new OS on the last until some major change is required, like the move from WinME to Win2k.
Fun fact: Win2K came first (released Feb 2000 against ME's Sept 2000). You probably just remember the move going in that direction because WinME was the OS equivalent of opening "Dr." Hitler's Abortionarium in Tel Aviv.

Well, not quite that bad. I just like being needlessly offensive. 3!

"A car is just a big purse on wheels." -- Johanna Reynolds