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+ - Open Letter To Jobs: Please Build The Missing Mac

Submitted by fragermk
fragermk writes: An Open Letter To Steve Jobs: Please Build The Missing Mac has been getting a lot of attention and positive response from Digg. Is there a missing Mac? If Apple was to release a regular, affordable, desktop Macintosh would it have the potential to expand the user base for the OS X operating system? It would include: a dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and a PCI-Express 16x slot. Price: $600 — $1200. No monitor. With 10.5 soon to be released it's time for Apple to take the consumer savvy they've developed with the iPod and go after the business and geek market for computers now split between HP, Dell and Lenovo.
Desktops (Apple)

+ - Open Letter To Steve Jobs: Missing Mac

Submitted by
fragermk writes: "I have owned many Macs over the years including: LC, LC III, PowerMac 6100, 7200, iBook G3 15", PowerBook G4 12" (the best laptop form factor ever, btw) and Mac Mini G4, so let me share with you what I think is missing from Apple's basically awesome Mac product line. I sent Steve Jobs this letter."

+ - Raising Flags Over Google's New SEO Firm

Submitted by
ngremion writes: "In his new article Ross Dunn Notes that Google is treading in dangerous waters right now. The prolific company will inherit its own SEO company called Performics after purchasing the online advertising giant DoubleClick on April 13th. With the purchase of a search engine marketing company such as Performics, Google is put into the conflicted position of trying to generate profits by providing result-oriented organic ranking services for its own "unbiased" organic search results. Altough Google could run Performics completely above board, without any advantage whatsoever there is unfortunately no one to police them. I, for one, am certainly not comfortable with Google policing itself."

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