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Submission + - Where Did DirectX 12 Multiadapter Come From?

Phopojijo writes: While it looks like utilizing multiple GPUs in DirectX 12 will take off, much of this setup was exposed to game developers for years. Previously, it was held back by the low number of machines with (available) mismatched graphics, the lack of compute shader support in consoles, and the difficulty in using OpenCL for a video game product. While the editorial elaborates on each of these points, it doesn't mention Explicit Linked Multiadapter in DirectX 12, which allows game developers to make similar assumptions that AMD and NVIDIA do for CrossFire and SLI, respectively, making their job even easier.

Comment Humidity will play hell with this (Score 4, Interesting) 62

The speed of sound is relative to the density of the media it is traversing. All Ultrasonic transmit beamforming algorithms must take media density into consideration to achieve reasonable convergence. Unless this device is performing adaptive beamforming or has a very precise humidity sensor its functionality will be spotty at best, and even if it does the inventors just stepped into a shiatstorm of patents held by the companies that have been forming medical imaging IP warchests over the past 15 - 20 years. Good luck and godspeed.

Submission + - Xbox One unboxing video leaked, Microsoft not too happy about it-> 1

An anonymous reader writes: A lucky kid does an unboxing video of the un-released Xbox One console and puts it up on YouTube. While someone needs to teach this kid how to properly do an unboxing video, he has other things to worry about considering that Microsoft isn't too happy this video was made public.
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Comment Re:Unclear whether this is a problem or not... (Score 1) 286

If the 'bridge chip' is just a reasonably generic SATA port multiplier

A transparent bridging scenario such as this would not make much sense as an SSD can easily saturate the available bandwidth of a 6 Gb/s SATA port. A non-transparent bridging scheme which makes the device look more like a traditional spinning HD with a really big cache would make more sense as the SATA port driver would not have to route every sector write/fetch to specific device. Most likely the driver on the OS side only manages migration of data between the SSD and HD to balance read/write performance favoring keeping as much free space on the SSD as possible to enhance write performance.

Comment Learn to code (Score 2, Interesting) 419

If you have done the work to become an EE you should know how to code fairly well already and given the current need for skilled software developers you can probably get hired doing embedded systems work in any of the North American technology hubs quite easily. It may not be your preferred line of work but its a living wage until and work experience to tide you over until the wave of change sweeps across the industry.

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