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Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Insightful) 115

How is this any different than calling them up and telling them what is broken?

Thank you for calling the City of Detroit. Para obtener instrucciones en español por favor presione 1 ahora. Your call is very important to us. Due to the current high volume of calls it will be approximately NINETY-ONE minutes until a representative is available to take your call. To leave your phone number for a call back instead press 3 now,

Comment Android's Achilles Heel (Score 4, Interesting) 155

My biggest gripe with using an Android phone is that the phone unlocks during calls even when they placed/answered via a hands-free Bluetooth device. Answering a call via Bluetooth with your phone in your pocket unlocks it and starts feeding the UI random screen clicks. People have been filing bugs to the Android team over this issue since 2011 and it has never been addressed, and the newer bugs keep getting pushed to lower and lower priority. Its safe to say at this point that Android butt dialing is now a feature and is included by design.

Submission + - Introverts STILL don't get respect

Esther Schindler writes: A few years ago, Susan Cain's book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking seemed to give the world a bit of enlightenment about getting the most out of people who don't think they should have to be social in order to succeed. For a while, at least some folks worked to respect the needs and advantages of introversion, such as careful, reflective thinking based on the solitude that idea-generation requires.

But in When Schools Overlook Introverts, Michael Godsey writes, "The way in which certain instructional trends — education buzzwords like “collaborative learning” and “project-based learning” and “flipped classrooms” — are applied often neglect the needs of introverts. In fact, these trends could mean that classroom environments that embrace extroverted behavior — through dynamic and social learning activities — are being promoted now more than ever." It's a thoughtful article, worth reading. As I think many people on slashdot will agree, Godsley observes, "This growing emphasis in classrooms on group projects and other interactive arrangements can be challenging for introverted students who tend to perform better when they’re working independently and in more subdued environments."

So the larger question is... why does this society still treat introverts as second-class citizens, when most of us are aware of the value of introverts' contributions? Why do all those "open floor plans" continue to be adopted in the tech industry, when some of us need peace and quiet in order to do our best? Even though I'm a relentless extrovert, I need my "cocoon time," and few work environments (or educational institutions training us for work) respect that. I don't have answers. Maybe you do.

Submission + - More details on Win10 telemetry ( 1

yuhong writes: MS has posted a detailed TechNet article on the difference between the telemetry settings in Win10, and some of MS's policies on the use of this data.

Comment Cost of safety (Score 2) 262

Its nice to see efforts to drive the complexity out of the design/implementation of safe code but this won't due much to improve the already error prone task of debugging optimized code. You don't always have the luxury of running a debug build, especially when analyzing a crash dump from a customer and templated/STL C++ constructs are often too complex for debuggers to parse properly. Hopefully these efforts reduce the number of crashes enough to justify the added complexity of debugging the crashes that still occur.

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