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Comment Re:If I wanted consequences (Score 1) 352

I recommend Minecraft. Sure you can "cheat" and find your save files to copy before you make some decisions (e.g. my decision to blow up my dungeon was not a good one because I blew up myself into a pool of lava, destroying my diamond picks). However the way the game is structured, each decision is final and without a restore point. And it has absolutely infinite replayability, I think there are zero limits to this sandbox type game.

Comment Re:The alpha was well worth it (Score 1) 279


SSSSSsssssss! Boom!

I hate that too, and always the boom destroys that 6 block diamond deposit, and then you have to remember which freakin' direction your spawn point was from your awesome homebase.

Either that or you do like I did and dig underneath lava and have the lava destroy all the diamond blocks. No! Stop! Argh!

Comment Re:Also there is simply a weight consideration (Score 1) 782

If you want to get well trained using standardard marksmanship techniques I highly recommend Appleseed, The goal is 4 MOA accuracy which is more than enough to hit a 20 inch target at 500 yards. You can do Appleseed using a .22LR rifle @ 25 meters and I'd challenge just about anyone who things they are good shot to give it a whirl. Apparently less than 1% of rifle owners are able to achieve Rifleman scores (210 or higher out of 250 points on the Army Qualification Target).

Comment Re:Worth every penny ... (Score 1) 377

Maybe it is because there are so many responders with 6 or 7 digit UIDs. But we know that soon enough someone will come along after this post with a 4 or 3 digit UID just to say they can. I was here at the beginning, wish I knew enough to sign up when I started reading Slashdot!

Comment Re:Portal 2! (Score 1) 110

I agree the game was too short and except for level 16 (I think, it is very long and requires good timing for half-stepping through a portal to press a button) I got through it in a few hours.

I disagree with everything else, I really thought it was a fantastic game. For an added challenge, download the Flash Mappack. That will provide a few more hours of fun and there are some really challenging puzzles in there. That is, ones I absolutely could not figure out until I looked at an online walkthrough.

Comment Re:GFWL, no thanks (Score 3, Informative) 275

Your technical notion of troubleshooting is entirely much more complicated than the consumer/user version of troubleshooting. What you described as "choose a random item from a list" is exactly what MS and any other consumer company label as troubleshooting. Look in the back of many device manuals and you will see a section labeled "troubleshooting" where it gives a description of the problem and a list of things to do/try.

Comment Re:I've always really liked that idea (Score 2, Informative) 584

You can.

Specifically, note in the Wikipedia article that 1.1 Million people have purchased into their own HSA accounts.

HSA (individual owned) and HRA (employer owned) savings accounts allow you to save money up to certain IRS limits per year. In the case of the HSA, this is your money and is not owned by the employer. That means you can take it with you if you go to a new employer, or if you lose your job etc. This is pre-tax money that is yours to use on most IRS 213(d) expenses. This money does not expire at the end of the year (you are thinking Flexible Spending Account, which is different).

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