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+ - EA's Dungeon Keeper ratings below a 5 go to email black hole->

Submitted by fplatten
fplatten (588351) writes "I would definitely call this unethical manipulation of the ratings system: Worst Company America, EA is routing all ratings made in game of 1 to 4 stars as an email that is sent to EA, but all 5 star ratings are routed to the Google Play store where it's rating is currently 4.3 out of 5."
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+ - IE drops to single digit market share

Submitted by fplatten
fplatten (588351) writes "I think this is all you need to see to know what legacy Steve Ballmer has left at Microsoft where it's IE browser market share has collapsed from a high of 86% in 2002 to just 9% now. I guess this is just another in a long list of tech companies that failed to maintain it's dominant market share. Also, IE may be the one product that never really deserved it, but just piggybacked on Windows and users left in droves once decent (more secure) alternatives and standards became popular."

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