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Comment: Re:Turn tiles off... but for how long? (Score 1) 171

How long will it be before Mozilla decides that the users no longer need the ability to turn off the sponsored tiles?

Uh, if only Firefox were open source, then we'd be able to override these decisions from above by simply patching them out. Oh, wait...

Comment: Bridge (Score 2) 274

by fph il quozientatore (#47679439) Attached to: Of the following, I'd rather play ...
I started playing bridge during my PhD, at 25. it's a very interesting strategy game, once you get over the "game for old people" stereotype. If you can find a few friends to learn and practice with, I definitely recommend it.

There is also a very nice web-based community (so you can play it even without friends and without leaving your mom's basement); most active players play online on, including the pros -- on that website you can easily find world champions playing a hand or two just to chill out. It's free (as in beer), unlike the face-to-face tournament which are sorta expensive.

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