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Comment: Tom Murphy is a stupid selfish arrogant smartass (Score 0) 482

by fpedraza (#36968236) Attached to: Limits On Growth of Energy Use and Economies
From article: "Once we appreciate that physical growth must one day cease (or reverse), we can come to realize that all economic growth must similarly end..." Ok, Mr Murphy already enjoyed his 20+ years of education and got his PhD. Now he can spend his time playing with his shiny new radiotelescopes and the rest of the people in the world may just starve to death, because he demands we stop using his valuable resources. Mankind needs A LOT AND A LOT FASTER ECONOMIC GROWTH AND MORE ENERGY at least while there are people who die of hunger, lack of drinking water and lack of simple vaccines. Those guys have the right to eat, drink, go to school and party like crazy if they fucking want. Societies with proper basic life support and education tend to grow in population slowly or to not grow at all, this eventually, with technological, political and organizative improvements would lead to stabilization in world population and the resource use would naturally stabilize. And if we continue growing, we will use all this galaxy's resources and many more if neccesary to support HUMAN LIFE, DAMMIT. Now, Mr. Murphy, stop pretending you know economy, go read a few history books, travel a little, and stop pulling stupid extrapolations out of your ass.

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