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Submission Ultimate Surveillance 6-Rotor RC Helicopter

foxalopex writes: A few years ago Draganfly produced one of the first quad-rotor gyro-stabilized RC Helicopters on the market. I E-mailed them about producing a brushless motor version since I had seen folks hack one together themselves. Sure enough they put out the new Draganfly X6 recently which is the most advanced RC Helicopter I have ever seen. Features a 6 rotor co-axial system, three gyros, thee accelerometers, three magnetometers, barametric pressure sensor and a gps to top it off. It almost looks like it could fly itself on sensors. Not to mention a LCD display on the remote control. The specifications on this thing are insane for a RC helicopter. Thoes of you that do professional aerial photography might want to take note, it will carry 500 grams according to specs. Unfortunately like most things the price is also insane too at $15,000 but it's definately cool.

You will lose an important tape file.