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Comment Re:Vertical Landing Rocket Economics 101 (Score 1) 132

It's not twice the fuel. It takes most of the fuel to get to speed. At that point the booster is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter, so it takes (again with that word) SIGNIFICANTLY LESS fuel to slow down, and then to land.


However, you still have to remember that most of the fuel is used to lift the weight of the fuel.

Take the weight of the fuel required for the landing (plus the weight of the part of the rocket that contains that fuel that had to be added).

Now figure out how much additional fuel will be required to lift that. How much will the additional fuel (and additional rocket weight to contain the additional fuel) weigh? How much additional fuel will be required for that? And so on? And so on? It adds up.

Comment Nine governments in agreement? (Score 1) 179

Nine governments in agreement sounds like an unlikely scenario regardless what the topic is.

Except where there is something in it for them. Like when they say if you agree to open the door when I want something, then I will open the door when you want something. Maybe we just all agree to leave the door open all the time for convenience.

Comment Re:I have fantasized about this (Score 1) 65

I imagined it as a kid on pretty much every long drive I ever went on. Though I had at that time envisioned it as a RC craft with video feedback as opposed to a drone. At that time, as a passenger bored out of my mind, I would not have wanted a computer flying it anyway. I wanted to fly it.

Comment Re:Europe (Score 1) 160

Ethernet over AC anyone, should be good enough for a frig. I did have a 900MHz spread-spectrum phone set that had a range of about 800m after going through a brick veneered cinder block wall, so it looks like this HaLow technology will allow me to have WiFi out to the garage and barn.

Or, for everyone in the neighborhood to connect to your IoT devices. The lower data rate should be fine for most IoT devices (except perhaps, ones streaming video of your home over the net), but the range being longer seems more like a bad thing than a good thing.

Comment Re: Fail idea (Score 1) 288

They already do this by offering totally meaningless descriptions. Reading descriptions does no good when they contain no actual information.

Almost every one I have ever read said something like "A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it."

Nothing new. Just now Microsoft is the attacker who intends to gain complete control of your computer.

Comment Blue Brown (Score 1) 420

I can only see it as blue, period. Not trolling - I really cannot see this as white in any circumstances, even the XKCD "color balanced" bit I still see it as blue (albeit a much lighter blue on the left).

When I looked at the image, I saw a bluish and brownish dress.

In the XKCD image, I can say that they are both blue in color, with the dark room one being lighter blue in appearance to my eye, yet I know my interpretation would be more that it was in fact a white dress in a darkly lit area.

I have sunglasses that are brown tinted, and technically everything I see with them on has a brown tint to it, yet I know my brain is ignoring this (unless I am really thinking about it) and perceiving the colors for what I know they are. Your brain does an incredible amount of processing and interpretation of the things you see.

On reviewing the image again, I can see the over exposed background which does suggest the exposure of the dress itself is darkened, and therefore is white, or at least much lighter than it appears in the image.

I am reminded of this as well:

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