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Comment ISIS governs territory. Terrorists SUPPORT ISIS (Score 1) 361

ISIS holds a huge swath of territory, which it in fact governs (brutally). ISS, as stated in its name, is a de facto state. There are terrorists, such as those in Paris, who -support- ISIS. The primary activity of ISIS is to control and a defend a territory in which they make an administer the law - they are fundamentally a (very bad) government, not a terrorist group. They are friendly with terrorist groups, of course.

So no, when people like Greenpeace co-founders, the UN, and myself point out that terrorists are associated with and supported by these green and leftists organizations, it does NOT mean they are a government or state like ISIS or North Korea. It means they, like al Qaeda, engage in violent acts against civilian targets intended to cause fear and alarm for political purposes (such as bombing various civilian buildings). That terrorist tactic of bombing civilian buildings was INVENTED by the American left. That's terrorism. Terrorism doesn't mean "occupying territory ", occupying is what militaries and states do, not terrorists.

I gave you a good representative list if you want to start adding up the death and disfigurement caused by all the eco-terrorist bombings. Based on the ones I've listed, I'd guesstimate a thousand or so, meaning they're in the top ten most lethal terrorist movements.

Comment Hoped. Cuban missile crisis, etc. Win wo shooting (Score 1) 119

> I think all the players knew that, by the early 80's, the Cold War would never be fought with guns (except by proxy), but rather by the manipulation of spheres of influence and politics

I think HOPED it would end without nuclear war. The Cuban missile crisis, the events described in TFA, etc suggested that it was entirely likely that one day, eventually someone would fire a missile which would in turn trigger nuclear armageddon- unless one side won before that happened. The trick was how to win without shooting. Kennedy and Reagan both handled that masterfully.

Comment Arson, bombing favored by leftist terrorists since (Score 1) 361

I guess you're young. Terrorism by right-wing groups is a fairly new thing in historical terms. Terrorism in the modern sense was more or less invented by the labor movement of 1890-1920, from which it spread to other left-leaning groups. The right-wing didn't pick it up until really the 1980s, with a couple of incidents in the 1960s.

  Greenpeace co-founder / early member Paul Watson has said publicly "There's nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win."

See the Haymarket Affair (bombing crowd-control police in the middle a crowd) by unionists, the Los Angeles Times bombing (unionists), The Preparedness Day Bombing (anti-war), 1920 bombing of Wall Street, 22 anti-corporatist bombings in NYC in 1940, anti-war activists like Sam Melville and Jane Alpert bombing banks, courts, and other buildings through the 1960s, Sterling Hall bombing (anti-war activists, 1970), Weather Underground bombing of the White House and other buildings (communists/ Leninist, black power), 1983 bombing of the Senate building by anti-war activists, etc.

Since then it's been picked up more by green terrorists such as Earth Liberation Front / Animal Liberation Front, while the UN has officially added Greenpeace to its list of known terrorist organizations.

As the FBI counter-terrorism chief writes:
During the past decade we have witnessed dramatic changes in the nature of the terrorist threat. In the 1990s, right-wing extremism overtook left-wing terrorism as the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat to the country. During the past several years, special interest extremism, as characterized by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), has emerged as a serious terrorist threat.

Earth Liberation Front terrorists such as Tre Arrow, Marie Mason, and Jeff Luers favored arson, using the techniques described on the ELF/ALF web site. On the other hand, SaveThePlanetProtest.org author James J. Lee used the traditional bomb to take hostages at Discovery Networks headquarters. Daniel G. McGowan (Earth Liberation Front) used arson.

Comment Gorbachev's off the cuff comment I heard live (Score 5, Interesting) 119

I was at an event where someone asked Gorbachev about the major economic changes in the early 1990s as the Soviet states re-organized into various coalitions after the USSR dissolved. In his reply, Gorbachev's main point was that it took longer for private industry to ramp up than had been hoped. I don't remember the exact words from the meat of his response; it was an "unimportant" preface clause that caught my attention. He replied:

"After Reagan defeated us Perestroika wasn't moving as quickly as we had anticipated and ..."

"After Reagan defeated us", that's how Gorbachev thinks of the fall of the Soviet Union. I'm no expert on US-Soviet relations in the 1980s, but Gorbachev certainly is. He knows the private discussions of the Politburo that historians can only guess about. And his four-word summary of the Soviet Union's fall is "after Reagan defeated us". Very interesting, I thought.

Comment or -effective- against the infidel imperialists (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Perhaps liberal social scientists who want to get rid of infidels invading their lands tend to get "a great new idea" and decide to sing a song to a the imperialists. Surely that'll work!

A conservative, by definition, values the lessons of history , the engineer seeks"solutions that actually work. The conservative engineer determines that singing a song has been ineffective, while blowing the bastards up more reliably stops their influence. So this conservative engineer takes the more effective action.

I'm kidding. Actually the terrorists they chose to study are probably the ones in the news right now - the ones who feel they are protecting their ancient traditions from the increasing influence of the western sodom, from Hollyweird movies celebrating promiscuity, homosexuality, etc. They aren't running their stats on Greenpeace terrorists. The people who seek to protect ancient traditions will tend to be conservative and work in traditional fields such as engineering. If Greenpeace extremists was your sample of terrorists, you'd find they tend to be liberal and have degrees in social sciences , environmental science, etc.

Comment Re:What 'meaning'? (Score 1) 135

How did these clowns get everyone acting like trained fucking monkeys?

Because, for the most part, they are.

I don't think that it is about the "stuff" in general. It's about the social status of being someone who has the "stuff". The more in-demand the stuff is this season, the more social status afforded to acquiring it. Even if that status is only temporary.

Vendors want to see a repeat of customers fighting for their products. Whether it be an Elmo doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid or whatever. Be cool. Be the person with the stuff. Everyone who did not get the stuff will be so envious.

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