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Comment: Re:Cost effectiveness (Score 0) 73

by Alomex (#49824121) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage

RIght, because if it were cost effective to move your encyclopedia to the Internet, Britannica would have done it first. And if it were cost efficient to stream music, record companies would have done it first.

Because that is exactly how the free market works. Perfect every single time. I'm glad you were paying attention during Indoctrination to Economics 101.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 492

Show me the year the US debt went down?

2000 and 2001 in constant dollars and, more importantly 1996 to 2001 in percentage of GDP.

You can easily find this data in wikipedia. The fact that you haven't proves that you care about defending ideology rather than what actually happens in real life.

And if GWB had not implemented the "revenue increasing" tax cuts the debt would have been completely wiped out in a few short years. You don't have to believe me, Alan Greenspan said exactly this when he begged congress to implement tax cuts.

Factcheck is a partisan joke.

That's what sore losers say when proven wrong by a non-partisan organization.

Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 2) 93

by ColdWetDog (#49817229) Attached to: The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here

You would need a lot more research that (I don't believe has been done) on how often you really need to adjust your thyroid. As cdrugde mentions, thyroid testing is done infrequently - on the order of months. To have an implantable system that fired off that infrequently is probably not really worth it. Dogma is that thyroid hormones don't change that much - at least a clinically noticeable values.

Most of the thyroid replacement research these days seems to be around the issue of 'minor' thyroid hormones, mostly T3. Even with this issue, we don't have good data. And T3 is produced at about 10% of the rate of T4 (the traditional thyroid hormone) so it isn't some scarce little molecule.

But if you really look closely at how much we know about things like this, it's pretty disappointing. This sort of research is slow and very expensive. Given that thyroid pills are pennies and that people do 'pretty well' on that treatment, the impetus to improve things is small.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 492

There's a law of Internet discussions by which the person who first uses the word "lie" is the almost always the one doing so:


Q: During the Clinton administration was the federal budget balanced? Was the federal deficit erased?

A: Yes to both questions, whether you count Social Security or not.

Comment: Re:Managers (Score 1) 535

If you perform enough miracles enough times when THEIR decisions have caused (predictable) problems they will start to believe that THEY are the ones performing miracles.

At which point the problems will pile on.

Be ready to leave before that point. If there are certifications, collect them and keep them current.

Try to interview at least once every quarter. Even if you do not intend to leave your job.

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