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Comment Re:pfftt... (Score 1) 551

If there are whales living in the rather-small man-made and reservoir several hundred miles from any ocean, I think there are bigger problems than fishing with dynamite.

On the other hand, even if it were legal to do so, I think the Corps of Engineers that manages the reservoir might have some pretty legitimate objections.

Comment Re:Where will they be located? (Score 1) 112

On the rare occasion that I have to get something from walmart, I use the door by their automotive service department (yes, I know, not every walmart has one). Quick in, quick out, the register at the automotive desk works just as well as the ones up front, and often with no line. The only real downside is that only works when the service department is open.

Comment Re:Everyone loves a winner. (Score -1) 881

Isn't it funny how when your guy wins, the election was fair and free from influence, but if the other guy wins, the election was "bought or stolen by special interests" as if special interests and bought-and-paid-for politicians are unique to one party or the other.

I don't care which figurehead wins. Either way, "big government" and "big business" win, and individuals lose.

Comment Yearly. (Score 1) 182

We'd like to push stuff to production faster, but our client usually only has one window a year when we can take production systems offline for upgrades.

As for keeping it organized...hah. Two weeks of pure chaos while the hardware folks are trying to get all their upgrades and replacements in place at the same time the software guys are trying to figure out when systems will be back together so they can do their upgrades, followed by a weekend of praying that everything comes back online the way it should.

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