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Comment: Re:Goodbye iPhone, Hello Nexus (Score 1) 396

by fotang (#39114529) Attached to: Do you like your cell phone?

. A quick "Find my iPhone" click on Apple's site, and it started making noise. This would *never* work with an Android phone. None of them last 6 days, and none of them have any "Find my phone" app that works without a SIM card.

That's possible. I could track and control my Galaxy S from samsungdive.com. Haven't tried with the S2, tho.

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What Do You Do With a Personal Domain? 286

Posted by timothy
from the you-hope-someone-rich-and-famous-buys-it-out dept.
bmerr71 writes "I bought my own domain name to use as a self-promotion tool. I use a subdomain, 'profile.mydomain.com', which I selectively put on my email signatures to link to my linkedin profile. I also loaded up Google Apps to use for email. But when you go directly to my domain name, there is nothing there. I didn't want GoDaddy getting ad revenue off my name (and it doesn't look very professional), so I killed the ad page, but it seems like I should be able to put something up on my main page. But, I am not interesting in blogging, I do not want too much personal information up there, and I do not want to spend a lot of money (none, if possible). Are there any free apps that I can load up on my domain to fill the blank space? What do non-bloggers do with their personal domains?"

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