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+ - SwSoft relents thanks to Slashdot.->

Submitted by MrCopilot
MrCopilot (871878) writes "From the as if by magic department.
Via 8&rid=-50LinuxWorld Australia, Open-source developer Parallels finally released the source code for the Wine software used by Parallels Desktop 3.0 on Monday — but only after weeks of prodding by Wine developers and negative publicity on the IT forum Slashdot.

"What is yet to be verified is if these are the sources used to build the libraries shipped in Parallels Desktop for Mac.."

Sound like a challenge."

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+ - Symantec sig updates causes chaos in China

Submitted by Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty (62674) writes "According to Computerworld, a signature update to Symantec's anti-virus software has knocked out thousands of Chinese PCs. Apparently the latest update for the AV component of the various Norton packages mistook two system files in the Chinese edition of Windows XP SP2 for the "Backdoor.Haxdoor" trojan. Piracy issues may complicate recovery, since once the "updates" are installed Symantec says the only hope for reviving an affected system is to re-copy the affected DLLs from the Windows restore disks. You... do have your official restore disks, don't you?"

+ - Ultimate Free CD/DVD Burn Tool for Windoze?

Submitted by
DigitalPowderHound writes "Before I started browsing the mounds of projects over at sourceforge I thought I'd ask Slashdot for advice regarding the ultimate CD/DVD burning tool. I am looking to replace the usual garbage apps that come pre-installed on factory machines. I am looking for a universal tool when it comes to all tasks related to CD/DVD media -Data, Audio, Video, MP3 Tools, ISO, etc. Along with being super stable, the application should have a simple to use front-end, but also allow expert users to select advanced options. Finally, this ultimate burn tool should be free. Thanks for your help!"

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