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Comment Re:Doesn't matter what he did (Score 1) 465

Not entirely. It means that doing BSG without an FTL would have been really really boring (running from a superior force in space without the ability to 'jump' doesn't last very long). And making BSG without generated gravity would be very expensive with everyone having to be on wires every time they moved around. Also, the exercise program to keep all those people from losing all their muscle mass would have taken up the entire show.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what he did (Score 1) 465

I think the one thing that BSG got right about living ships was the fact that the living goo inside actually served a purpose. Near the end, when Galactica was about done for, they started spreading that goo around and it would grow and harden in ways that improved the structure of the ship. So it isn't like it was useless goo just there for looks. It was the self repair system, which makes a lot of sense in how it operated. The fact that it was red like blood was simply a design decision (or maybe because it was rich in iron oxide?).

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