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Comment: Re:Linux version? (Score 1) 234

That's not real security. That's the same as security through obscurity.

Linux and open source software has always had the security benefit of the code being distributed. No matter if specific components are properly audited or bugs exist for years before being discovered, it's still a powerful weapon you don't get with M$ / OSX et al.

The more people who used Linux, the more eyes would be on the code. So yeah, it'd be more of a target, but the power of open ideals would also scale.

Comment: I gave up (Score 1) 965

by forgottenusername (#43165701) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?

Everyone changes their stuff around too much for me to want to deal with. So I just maintain my own desktop exactly how I want it.

Debian Testing (until the new stable is out), a custom maintained kernel (was having problems with stability on new-ish thinkpad that new kernel fixed), and windowmaker. I maintain my own versions of a few things like java and some VPN software that works with my company's old server. I also bit the bullet with wireless tools and relearned iwconfig/wpa_supplicant stuff fully so I can work in coffee shops and not need the GUI wireless config (which was actually nice and I do miss). I setup LUKS for homedir encryption and just manually mount it. My workstation isn't rebooted all that often.

Sure, it's a bit of work on occasion to keep things going the way I like it - the deal is, it's a lot of work to keep any desktop functioning the way you prefer. When things are constantly changing "for their own sake" ala Ubuntu, or win8.. and you have to fight to revert stuff how you're the most productive until it's no longer possible.. there comes a point when it's much less frustration and time to just bite the bullet and control things how you want.

I've yet to find anything I want that I can't get working. I have VirtualBox for win7 if needed for the odd work-related tool. The biggest struggle I have is consuming media I pay for ala netflix and the lack of a decent flash player in Linux. I prefer Firefox but often have to load web videos in chrome (which isn't 100% either).

It's somewhat ironic since I've come full circle; when I was younger, I enjoyed maintaining my own desktop env and custom packages.. then I just wanted stuff to work so used Ubuntu+gnome putting up with its quirks for a while.. now here I am maintaining my own setup again. Mostly because desktop UI folk can't just leave well enough alone and want everything to be designed for a tablet or smartphone.

Comment: Hard to say what's really going on (Score 1) 524

by forgottenusername (#42991687) Attached to: Mayer Terminates Yahoo's Remote Employee Policy

Yahoo is a large company that isn't doing so well. It's had countless acquisitions of smaller comanies which generally keep their middle management layers relatively intact. You have to figure there are hundreds of employees that are essentially dead weight or are at least vastly underperforming, which is made all the easier by being fulltime remote.

I read it more as "trying to shake things up / refocus / cut out dead weight" than "WFH is evil!!". I wouldn't be surprised at some exclusions or a change in the policy when things settle out and Yahoo is on a more sustainable path.

Comment: my opinion (Score 1) 183

by forgottenusername (#42834889) Attached to: Summer Programming Courses Before Heading Off To College?

No classes, go someplace fun. Bring a laptop if he must and peck around at the myriad of online 'learn to program X' or something like the MIT open courseware compsci class (which uses python).

The point is - the time between highschool and college is too precious to waste on some class, he should be out traveling as much as feasible imo. After college if he sticks with tech, he'll probably have the intro level jobs that take advantage of college kids by burning tons of hours and will look fondly on his time spent on pure vacation/downtime.

Comment: I used to use that. (Score 2) 215

by forgottenusername (#42570171) Attached to: Amazon AutoRip — 14 Years Late

I still tell people it was the only "digital music service" that I really ever liked. I like to buy CDs so I can transcode them into sensible bitrates for portable devices, but have a full on flac when listening at home. It was really convenient to grab a CD, toss it in the player, then have all my mp3s available instantly without waiting to transcode.

Really a shame that service got buried by the dinosaur music industry. They're slowly learning the lesson; you either adapt to the times and technologies, or you become obsolete and the only role you have is in preventing progress trying to hold on to your fiefdom. Which can't last forever.

Comment: Re:Some separation is good (Score 2) 610

by forgottenusername (#41755663) Attached to: Would You Put a Tracking Device On Your Child?

This is good insight.

If your child is coddled throughout life they will be unprepared for the variety of challenges life throws. In my opinion, as a parent, your job is to provide a safety net while allowing your kid room to learn on their own. They need to be taught self reliance and understand consquences for actions which hopefully will help them make better decisions later in life.

If your kid is 3 years old though you just need to keep track of them :P

Comment: moving around! (Score 2) 262

No position is good to hang out in for hours. You really should take a few little breaks, stretch and get some blood flowing.

I've always wanted to try some sort of circle desk that you can strap you/laptop into.. work flat on your back, sitting up, roll forward facing down.. always seemed it would feel a lot better than sitting around stationary or just standing up.

Comment: was annoying on XBMC for me (Score 3, Interesting) 212

by forgottenusername (#40413811) Attached to: XBMC Developers Criticize AMD's Linux Driver

I usually don't pay too close of attention to ATI vs Nvidia war, but I had built out a slick HTPC machine to run xbmc on Linux, and videos had all sorts of problems on the ATI card.. especially with decent quality videos. Hitching, crashing, general instability despite trying different drivers and config combinations.

Threw in a fanless nvidia, VDPAU works fine, totally different experience.

So, I'll stick with Nvidia on Linux for anything more serious than web browsing; their closed source binary driver is a little obnoxious, but at least it works.

Comment: hp elitebook (not recommendation, just info) (Score 1) 300

Not that I really recommend it, but I occasionally use one of these:

Product Name: HP EliteBook 8560p

It has a normal sized numberpad. However it has ridiculously undersized arrow keys.. like 1/8th the size of a normal key.. very difficult to even use them.

Another annoying thing is they have the audio jacks on the right side near the front of the laptop, so if you're using an external mouse, headphone jack/cord bleeds into the area the mouse would be used.

It does have a fullsized keyboard, nice screen, plenty of power and I've not had any real problems with - but it's essentially a desktop, I never lug it around (bit of a weighty beasty).

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