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Comment Re:Majority, not average. (Score 1) 126

Well I take it like a normal sales pitch. He is just happening to push Open Source software.
Do Great things, customized to your business, improve your work flow Open Source.
Do Grate things, customized to your business, improve your work flow SAS

The problem with Open source is the large projects that get all the attention and support and maintenance. Are usually the general purpose applications, not the specialized ones that people really need.

What is really needed is companies to bring back their own internal development staff with skilled developers and architects to make the workflow customized to their business and work around many of the oddities, that what vendors will say as unsupported or not best practices, or what an open source project will go that is just a stupid idea.

The normal argument would be you have the source just put your fixes yourself... Which is fine, except you are working off of someone else baggage, so the next upgrade you have to reapply your patches, and have no support. While an in-house app will do just what you want it to do.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1815

Agree mod as well.

Many times we get modded insightful or interesting because that is what someone else was thinking. However Insightful or Interesting should be something that they didn't think of and somehow enlightened from the comment. But for most of the time our comments are the standard dribble, not bringing anything new to the table, however you get comfort knowing that you are not alone, thus the Agree mod, or you find the common dribble against your values, however it was a decent argument, have a disagree option.

Comment Volunteering leaving is a bad thing. (Score 4, Insightful) 214

The problem with a volunteering leaving of a company is a really bad thing, almost worse than layoffs. While it makes it easier for the managers to sleep at night knowing that they don't have to let a person go, which for most humans really hate doing.
But for the company the people who are smart enough to see the writing on the wall, know to jump ship early knowing that they can get a good or better job elsewhere. The ones who stick around are often the ones who lack the experience to see the warning signs, or just don't have the skills to get another job, and gamble on not being the one who gets canned. Thus populating the company with less experience or less than ideal employees. This creates a downward spiral of less quality and causing real layoffs (as we see here) which makes allowing for growth much harder.

But when you see voluntary leaving it is a bad sign.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 554

That is the go to fix for traffic safety. Lower the speed limit.
There was an accident where I live a few years back and they figured the speed limit was too high.
Not really thinking. It was an area of 3 intersection that had 6 lanes of traffic all going in different directions where to get to your destination you need to be in the correct lane. On a steep hill Then to top it off people j-walk across this all the time while there is a good cross walk 100 meters pass this tricky traffic intersection. The thing is people rarely ever speed on this intersection. For the most part they are just trying to get to speed.
Ok a kid died in an accident that is sad. But lowering the speed limit doesn't really solve much. Especially as the study shows that traffic wants to go faster. Perhaps you should look at the problem and find a better way for safety

Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 80

AMD had a brief period of success in the x86 market in the early 2000's Until between the Pentium 4 and the Intel Core 2. Where people actually wanted AMD Chips not as a chip ripoff of Intel Chips, but because they were a serious competition with many good features that were valued by end use desktop users.

Comment Not an issue (Score 3, Informative) 137

It's not actually meant for anything like that at all.

In the video, the cops explain (in Dutch, so I completely understand that this isn't obvious to parent) that it's meant to take out the odd drone that is - often inadvertently - flying somewhere where it really shouldn't, such as near an airport, or somewhere where an air ambulance needs to land. Nowhere in the video is it claimed that the system will be used to stop terrorists, smuggling, mass idiocy, or anything like that. Consider it the air equivalent of a police canine unit.

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