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Comment: Re:An interesting study. (Score 1) 592

These are not mutually exclusive! The qualities you mentioned do not arise from polar opposites in political outlook. This is the basic problem with the "two concept and two concept only" system! There are many who might be fell good factor guys who work hard or clutter loving guys who 'love america'! This kind of demarcation unconsciously implies someone's political inclination based on completely irrelevant metrics, or even tries to classify people into boxes (2 only), based on behavioural traits! sad!

T-Ray Camera Sees Through Clothes, Preserves Privacy 315

Posted by kdawson
from the so-they-say dept.
Quite a few readers are sending in stories about ThruVision's products, slated to be demonstrated in Britain next week, that are claimed to use Terahertz radiation ("T-rays") to detect foreign objects under clothing, without revealing body details, from a distance of 25 meters and while the subject is in motion. T-rays lie on the electromagnetic spectrum between infrared and microwaves, and are the subject of lively research efforts worldwide. ThruVision says it developed its products in cooperation with the European Space Agency.

+ - Surveillance system tracks faces on CCTV->

Submitted by
Zephida writes "Engineers at British defence company BAE Systems, which is working on the technology, claim it is even able to automatically follow a target even if they change their appearance by changing their clothes or hiding beneath a hat.

"Today the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance relies on a small, highly-trained team to identify and track suspicious individuals," said Andrew Cooke, project manager at BAE Systems. Automating elements of the system — and employing techniques to prevent suspects from throwing a team off their scent — enables a single operative to track multiple targets with as much, or even greater, precision than before."

The Integrated Surveillance of Crowded Areas for Public Security (Iscaps) project is part of a joint initiative with around Europe to develop security systems for potential deployment around the continent."

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