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Comment: Re:HTML5 will be a screw job. (Score 1) 436

by forceofyoda (#32074288) Attached to: Why IE9 Will Not Support Codecs Other Than H.264

... We, as developers, will have to waste our time supporting these browser differences...

I'm puzzled by this as well. From the perspective of someone who creates video, the HTML5 case is:

"Encode your video in multiple formats to support all browsers"
versus the current case
"Encode your video for flash"

Without a plugin model for adding new video decoders, I can't see how HTML5 is a Flash killer. Flash is EASY. Am I missing something here?

Comment: Re:Perhaps another Sudoku app... (Score 1) 492

by forceofyoda (#31249800) Attached to: Apple Bans Sexy Apps, Developers Upset

They make the app store less appealing to use since they clutter the place up.

It's clutter because of disorganization, not because there are too many {app type} apps.

Rather than removing these apps, they should really find a better way to categorize things. All your useful apps are clutter for the guy (or gal) looking for boob apps.

At this point, if I need an app, I Google some keywords with "iPhone app" until I find what I want, then manually search for the app by name in the app store. I can't find anything by browsing that app store mess.

Comment: What if... (Score 1) 769

by forceofyoda (#30314048) Attached to: Is Linux Documentation Lacking?
What if the thing you need help with is installing drivers for your NIC? You can't access Google 'cause you don't got no internet!

I ran into this long ago when I tried installing Linux on my laptop. I was dual-booted and it was my only PC, so I had to reboot to windows, search the webs, reboot to Linux, try something, reboot to Windows, etc. A real pain in the arse.

Of course that was a long time ago and in think default drivers have gotten a lot better since then, but man those were tough times!

Comment: public computers (Score 1) 342

by forceofyoda (#29849731) Attached to: Apple Seeks Patent On Operating System Advertising
If I was going to put a free-to-use computer in, say, a mall, then I might do something like this. Could this be what Apple is planning to do? I mean, what better way to advertise your own hardware than to put one in every shop for people to use? People get more used to seeing them everywhere, so they buy one for their home. Plus, the bonus money from advertisers is nice, too.

Comment: your name (Score 4, Insightful) 87

by forceofyoda (#25547989) Attached to: The Personal Genome Project Hits the Web
If you have to attach your name to a document about yourself, you're probably a lot less likely to lie (depending on who you are). It makes sense to me that they'd want a name, but I'd definitely feel a little funny having all that stuff about me on the webs.

Then again, sites like peekyou already have way more information about me than I expected.

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