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Comment: Re:Pull an H - 'Ampshire 'Og - this works (Score 1) 388

by footnmouth (#39366279) Attached to: 'The Hobbit' Pub Threatened With Lawsuit
To be fair though, I frequented this pub as a teenager (so a weird thing to be reading about it on Slashdot) and it's in Hampshire where we don't pronounce our 'H's anyway so that could work. It's basically therefore in The Shire as well.... Though I remember it more populated with Orcs than fair maidens...

Comment: NZ Slashdotted (Score 2, Funny) 184

by footnmouth (#31112238) Attached to: Is Google Planning To Fibre Britain?
My old company had an offshore dev team in New Zealand and one morning (in 2004) I came into work to find that they couldn't access our UK based SVN server. While discussing it I browsed onto Slashdot and found a link to an article hosted in NZ (I think it was the guy who built his own jet engines and claimed he could build a Tomahawk cruise missile equivalent for 75k).

Anyway, it turned out that the Slashdot effect didn't bring down the server, it brought down NZ's pipe to the outside wall.

I for one welcomed our new nerd overlords.

Comment: Re:How do people pay eachother? (Score 1) 796

by footnmouth (#30470802) Attached to: UK Wants To Phase Out Checks By 2018
It's £9,999 here in the UK, not that many people realise it, but in theory if you are offered more than this as cash you have to report it to the FSA, our wonderful govmnt institution that had no idea that the banks were massively over geared, despite this being one of their more important tasks.

Comment: Polyethalene = oil doesn't it (Score 1) 262

by footnmouth (#30244072) Attached to: The World's First Osmotic Power Plant
Not that I think it's a massive issue as I'm sure it'll cut down on usage, but isn't Polyethalene an oil product so we'll therefore still need some black stuff to be processed to get there.

My biggest worry about oil reserves running out is the rising cost of plastics. Having said that, I last did chemistry 25 years ago, so I'm assuming things have changed :-)

Comment: Re:Heathrow (Score 1) 1095

by footnmouth (#30220612) Attached to: Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?
I grew up 100 yards from Eling Tide Mill - kayaked under the bridge and out to see in my home made kayak to make this vaguely geeky, and I now live in Winchester and never expected them to be mentioned on Slasdot.


Anyway, there's also the excellent City Mill in Winchester and it's 59 minutes by train from Waterloo station (Eling is 70 minutes - get the train to Totton and then walk down Eling Lane). From a nerd perspective, the computer museum at Bletchley is worth a visit, and in London the V&A, British Museum, Tate Modern (good Warhole exihibits) are all good, and if you like engineering the pumping station at Greenwhich is interesting (honest).

Comment: Re:First the Beatles; Now the ARM? (Score 1) 176

by footnmouth (#29866499) Attached to: ARM Launches Cortex-A5 Processor, To Take On Atom
From my recollection, Acorn got the ARM2 to market before Apple placed the order for the Newton. I only remember because I bought 3 thousand shares with a bit of my student loan (as I was a massive Acorn fan) at 8p a share and made an absolute killing (I sold out at £1.05 - my father kept his through numerous stock splits and has bought 3 cars from the proceeds - thank you Acorn). The reason it sticks in the mind as it was a post on comp.sys.acorn or comp.sys.os.acorn or something that made me buy them. As a processor fan and a nerd, I was always impressed at how easy assembler was / is on the ARM and wish I'd made more from having email chats with some bloke called Linus in '91 / '92 about compiling his new operating system onto my A5000... ho hum :-)

Comment: Re:Top Gear Veyron goodness (Score 1) 790

by footnmouth (#28592095) Attached to: Bugatti's Latest Veyron, Most Ridiculous Car on the Planet?
Indeed, according to the Mercedes stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed which had the McLaren MP4/whatever that Hamilton world the world championship in on display, the F1 car hits 0-60mph in 2.3s, 0-100mph in 3.4s and 0-100-0 in 5.7s. All this is from memory, but it sticks there as I thought WOW

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth. -- Nero Wolfe