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Comment So Crooked, So Oblique (Score 2) 609 609

This woman is so crooked that when she dies, they'll have to screw her into the ground to bury her. It would be interesting to see this thread's moral outrage if a republican SOS decided to spin up an email server in his/her house for public and private use. Obama and his administration is a crime in progress and HC should be prosecuted for this unprecedented act.

Comment Re:For the last time (Score 1) 324 324

Starting in 2013 my company's tax exposure increased. I still made the same amount of money because I was able to increase our hourly billing rate across all service spaces.

In fact, to really understand this concept, try the following: Find a large bucket; large enough to stand in, but not too big. Now pick that bucket up. No problem right? Ok, now stand in that same bucket and now try to pick it up. It's more difficult, right?

That's what happens when taxes are too high. The higher tax rates increase, the harder life will become for people who live by paycheck because the less companies and people will be able to spend...or lift that economic bucket.

Comment Re:How deep is the rot in Washington? (Score 1, Insightful) 682 682

The politicization of the IRS should be the biggest scandal ever.

This scandal would have been. Heck, it would have knocked the Earth slightly out of it's orbit if the situation was inverted. That is if the IRS was targeting leftist groups under a republican administration.

Comment Part of the "Pussification" Plan (Score 1) 635 635

This is the result of a wider social strategy aimed at the feminization or pussification of the western/white male. If these chemically and socially neutered males lose interest in sex and procreation generally, then auto usage and sales generally will suffer greatly. Think about this before modding down.

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