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by footNipple (#47922743) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

Starting in 2013 my company's tax exposure increased. I still made the same amount of money because I was able to increase our hourly billing rate across all service spaces.

In fact, to really understand this concept, try the following: Find a large bucket; large enough to stand in, but not too big. Now pick that bucket up. No problem right? Ok, now stand in that same bucket and now try to pick it up. It's more difficult, right?

That's what happens when taxes are too high. The higher tax rates increase, the harder life will become for people who live by paycheck because the less companies and people will be able to spend...or lift that economic bucket.

Comment: Part of the "Pussification" Plan (Score 1) 635

by footNipple (#46008117) Attached to: U.S. Teenagers Are Driving Much Less: 4 Theories About Why
This is the result of a wider social strategy aimed at the feminization or pussification of the western/white male. If these chemically and socially neutered males lose interest in sex and procreation generally, then auto usage and sales generally will suffer greatly. Think about this before modding down.

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by footNipple (#45325081) Attached to: Snowden Publishes "A Manifesto For the Truth"
- Talk to a lawyer
- Perhaps make contact with the house intelligence committee and give them 90 days to respond
- If no response, make contact with attorneys in UK, France and/or Germany

There were many proper and very effective ways to deal with a crisis of conscience in this matter. Snowden chose not to do this because he thinks he is special.

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by footNipple (#42093823) Attached to: US Scientific R&D Could Face Fiscal Cliff Doom

(1) Spending money on wasteful harmful shit, i.e. warfare (DoD, CIA, etc.), police state (FBI, NSA, etc.), drug war (DEA, etc.), etc.

Are you suggesting the US just eliminate these organizations or that politicians should adjust their directives through policy and doctrine? Because if it's the latter, then you're likely not going to affect any real savings as a percentage of the budget.

(2) Permitting the financial industry to extract such insane rents on everything by not regulating them.

I'm in the financial industry, neck deep in it, and we operate under oppressively redundant regulations; the cost of which we pass on to our clients who pass them on to you and the federal government through tax deductions. The problem is that regulations were written to benefit the largest and most politically influential banks.

In fact, Mitt Romney discusses this scenario very elegantly in his book. Too bad more people didn't read it, as this election will really have some consequences. :-)

(3) Subsidizing established industries, especially oil, nuclear, and agricultural subsidies.

Solar energy subsidies dwarf the above by near orders of magnitude. Do you think those subsidies should cease as well?

We could cut taxes by massive amounts if we halted all that waste, corruption, and exploitation.

We could do the above for the common good, but it is not enough *significantly* cut taxes. To do that would require cutting or eliminating entitlement spending. And besides, once a tax is levied, the imperative is to spend that money, not return it.

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Apparently Bertrand Russell was a fool. Who knew?

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