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Comment: Deception? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

by toupsie (#46196363) Attached to: Dirty Tricks? Look-Alike Websites Lure Congressional Donors

If you are going to whip out the credit card to spend a little money, take a little time to read all the text on the page. It was in large type that it was a donation to defeat the candidate. How many times in the past have we seen cute, cleaver and obscene assaults on congressional candidates on the Internet? Just google Santorum.

If you like your fake congressional candidate website, you can keep your fake congressional candidate website. Its political speech.

Comment: Re:Somebody's got to say it (Score 1) 2987

by toupsie (#42291653) Attached to: 27 Reported Killed In Connecticut Elementary School Shooting
Why should the solution to a tragedy be to punish people that were not involved? I would appreciate that you not give up my constitutional rights for me. Our Government is already doing a good enough job eroding those. We don't need private citizens demanding the Government do more.

Comment: Re:resources (Score 1) 119

by extrasolar (#32812888) Attached to: Surveying the Challenges of Linux On Cortex A9-Based Laptops

You know, at the end of the day, Canonical needs to concern itself with *its* bottom line too, you know.

Sorry, but I hate it how people think they can tell companies how they should allocate their resources to fix their own personal problems. FWIW, I haven't had any problems with wifi on the computers I've installed Ubuntu on, so obviously they're doing something right.

And I *really* want an ARM based GNU/Linux laptop,tablet, netbook.

Comment: Re:That's not even what this debate is about (Score 1) 872

by extrasolar (#32782544) Attached to: Climategate's Final Days

It's interesting that you brought that up, given the history of the climate change "debate." Because until about 10 years ago, saying global warming doesn't exist was the position of the deniers. The position was that global temperatures were not increasing. Then the position was changed to admitting that that temperatures were increasing, but no faster than historical rates, even though it's clearly exponential growth.

Sir, while what you have discovered appears to be a conspiracy, after further digging we have determined that what you allude to is the result of (1) people changing their mind in response to new data, and (2) new people entering the debate with different points of view. I'm afraid the plot is more sinister than we had thought! As we know, only the noble and true follow their convictions until death.

Comment: Re:This November.. (Score 3, Interesting) 427

by extrasolar (#32344522) Attached to: Congressmen Send Letters, Hope For Net Neutrality Fades

I don't think that will actually work, because by supporting minority parties you're not actually making any changes to the government. Okay, you hope that it would, that if you make enough slashdot comments you'll be able to elect a green or a libertarian, but honestly I just don't see that happening. There are a lot more voters than people reading slashdot.

One thing I think might work is voting against incumbents. What will that accomplish? I don't really know. But it's a stark way of expressing your disapproval of the people who *have* been running things.

Comment: The problem is GNOME (Score 1) 263

by extrasolar (#32274188) Attached to: Asus Budget Ultraportable Notebook Sold Sans OS

I have an Asus EEEPC 2G Surf--you really can't get lower end on a netbook than this one. I use it regularly for IRC, Web, and programming projects and while, yes, it is sluggish, the key is to go for a minimal Debian install and work your way up from there. Forget about GNOME or KDE, if you're looking for a desktop experience, then you're looking at the wrong place.

As old and outdated as this computer is, is more than beats the user experience of an iPad since I can comfortably rest it on my lap in the lazyboy and tilt the screen up while using it :)

Comment: Re:The equation of truth (Score 1) 149

by extrasolar (#32147804) Attached to: Do Children's E-Books Ruin Reading?

Like Medicaid. That's "welfare" according to most people, because if you can't afford to see a doctor then you're the scum of the earth and [i]deserve[/i] to be sick. Other forms of welfare I'm less leniant with, but come on! This discussion makes me sick. The grandparent poster sounds to me like someone who disguises "I deserve more" into "They deserve less." People are pissed off about their own financial problems love to take it out on poor people. Poor people know something about financial problems too, you know.

Comment: Re:The equation of truth (Score 2, Insightful) 149

by extrasolar (#32147750) Attached to: Do Children's E-Books Ruin Reading?

"In our world, here and now, there are any number of people who have more rights than I have, and my service to my country means just about squat."

Are you going to actually substantiate your outrage or are you going to give us the outrage? This is sounding like an OReilly rant more than anything else.

So, first, who has more rights than you do? And are you suggesting that your service to your country gives you more rights? What service? Military? I respect military men, but they don't get more rights than I do. Sorry. I have a thing.

Comment: Re:G(a)nash (Score 1) 595

by extrasolar (#32098404) Attached to: Is Apple's Attack On Flash Really About Video?

I saw that too. The way to look at it, I guess, is that Gnash is the GNU replacement for Adobe's Flash program and a counter to their proprietary technology. On the other hand, Ganash is the open source version of Adobe's Flash technology that justifies putting Adobe Flash in all Apple products and, indeed, in all products period.

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