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Comment: Re:Sucks for Lightsquared (Score 2) 178

by foo1752 (#39043875) Attached to: FCC Bars Lightsquared From Using Airwaves

I know that it is probably too much to ask, but if you had read some of the letter from the NTIA, they specifically mention that there are no performance standards for GPS equipment to be compared against. That is, no one ever told manufacturers of GPS equipment that they had to deal with so much interference in neighboring frequency bands. The result of this may be that some standards are developed, but that does nothing for the huge installed base of GPS receivers.


AMBER Alert Partners With Facebook 205

Posted by samzenpus
from the alert-status dept.
wiredmikey writes "The AMBER Alert program, credited with the safe recovery of 525 children across the country, has a new ally today: Facebook. Facebook users are able to sign up to receive AMBER Alert bulletins for their state which will be sent to them through the Facebook 'News Feed' feature. An estimated 800,000 children are reported missing every year. AMBER Alert is a voluntary partnership involving law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters. The new Facebook AMBER Alert pages represent an important expansion of the secondary distribution system and will enable AMBER Alerts to dramatically increase the reach of and impact of these life-saving bulletins."

Comment: Fob range extender (Score 1) 280

by foo1752 (#34783240) Attached to: New Cars Vulnerable To Wireless Theft

This just sounds like they build a range extender for the key fob, allowing the fob to be MUCH farther away from the car than it would normally have to be. This is nice to allow access to the car and to get it started, but once you've driven the car out of range of the (range-extended) fob, you'll never get the car started again. Maybe it doesn't matter if they're just taking the car to a chop shop. Still scary, though.

Comment: Re:Easy for hackers to fix? (Score 1) 757

by foo1752 (#32912990) Attached to: Droid X Self-Destructs If You Try To Mod

then the equivalent of "jamming in a penny" should be safe and effective

Except that the "eFuse" is inside one of the ICs, probably one of the processors, and is completely inaccessible. Since you won't be able to modify the code that checks the state of the fuse AND you can't physically "jam a penny" into the fuse, you're still shit out of luck.

Comment: Re:Everything but the first two films? (Score 1) 256

by foo1752 (#29954796) Attached to: Terminator Franchise To Be Auctioned Off

Forget "rebooting." What they need to do is to combine franchises. I'm anxiously awaiting the Alien vs. Terminator movie, myself. Its set in the future after the Terminators have wiped out all of the humans. Tag line: Alien vs. Terminator: Who ever wins, we're already dead, so we don't give a fuck anymore. It's going to be huge!

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