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Comment: Re:How Does the Same Company Make iPods and iTunes (Score 1, Informative) 390

by foo fighter (#33465910) Attached to: Flawed iTunes Stands Out Among Apple's Products

Don't spread FUD.

Ping is completely opt-in. The iTunes Store is completely opt-in. Even "Genius" is opt-in (since it sends your library contents and play information to Apple servers where the mixes are calculated).

And I'd add Double-Twist to the list of iTunes alternatives, especially if you have an Android phone.

Comment: Re:Still unfair.. (Score 1) 1036

by foo fighter (#32756488) Attached to: Google To Add Pay To Cover a Tax For Gays

Our society has decided we want to encourage marriage between different-sex couples and that we want to encourage procreation. That encouragement takes the form of tax breaks.

You disagree, fine. But you need to change our society's collective mind. In our society that's accomplished through lobbying, cash donations, and (mis-)education of the public, and voting.

We're currently in the middle of such a debate about encouraging marriage between same-sex couples. This will probably happen at some point because there is no real reasons not too.

But I don't think you're going to have much success convincing people that we shouldn't encourage, or should actually discourage, stable households and the continuance of our species.

Comment: Re:Becomming more satisfied... (Score 2, Informative) 443

by foo fighter (#32749334) Attached to: The State of iPad Satisfaction

Shit, forgot to say:

Click the "Discussion" link. Select Slashdot Classic Discussion System. Set Display Mode to Nested, Sort Order to Oldest First, and Threshold and Highlight Threshold to whatever you want (mine is 5: Score +5 and 3: Score +3 respectively). I also recommend selected Hard Thresholds, Reparent Highly Rated Comments, and increasing comment limit, comment byte limit, and index spill to something large like 100, 1024k, 500.

Comment: Re:Becomming more satisfied... (Score 2, Informative) 443

by foo fighter (#32749278) Attached to: The State of iPad Satisfaction

(Oh, and it pisses the living sh!t out of me that Slashdot jumps down half a page when you expand a comment!)

Go to http://slashdot.org/help

Click the "Classic Index" link. Select Use Classic Index, Simple Design, Low Bandwidth, No Icons. Click Save.

Click the "Dynamic Index" link. Select Lowbandwidth [sic], Simple Design, Use Classic Index.

Voila, /. as $deity intended it.

Comment: Re:Not So Sure (Score 1) 181

by foo fighter (#32064344) Attached to: HP Reportedly Cancels Plans for Windows 7 Tablet

I don't think it would be trivial at all if HP wants to sell a great device that can be favorably compared to the iPad.

There are two major sticking points, to my mind:

One: WebOS is heavily dependent on swiping. Swiping back, swiping up, pinching, etc. I can't imagine a tablet that hasn't been designed with this in mind being physically comfortable to use.

Two: WebOS is a much more "lean" OS compared to Windows 7. Using hardware designed for WebOS will likely cost much more than it should and battery usage won't have been tuned properly.

Comment: This isn't hard. (Score 1) 555

by foo fighter (#32044822) Attached to: Recourse For Draconian Encryption Requirements?

Do not use your personal computer for work. Do not use your work computer for fun. You are asking for trouble.

If you are a contractor or such, you should already have your hard drive encrypted. Provide the facility with evidence that your hard drive is encrypted.

There is no good excuse, in 2010, to not have the hard drive of your computers encrypted. Operating systems should be encrypting hard drives by default during installation. The only exception is if they are servers sitting in a physically secured data center.

The health care facility needs to get its written policies in order. They should explicitly prohibit computers that are not the property of the facility from being attached to its network. They should explicitly prohibit access to its email servers from computers (including mobile devices) it does not own. It should implement measures to enforce this and not be wishy-washy about someday terminating access, maybe, we really mean it this time. They are asking for trouble.

Comment: Re:iPad Hype (Score 0, Troll) 314

by foo fighter (#31854238) Attached to: Heavy US Demand Delays iPad's Worldwide Release

"Can you not understand the concern?"

As a total geek & nerd: no.

"Most geeks like Mac OS X exactly because it's a solid Unix that grandparents can use."

I like OS X because it's a solid Unix **I** can use. I say that as a Unix geek & nerd.

What is your point?

I use something because it provides the best value. The nutjub "opensource community" has completely failed to live up to its promise since the mid 2000s or so.

When there is an open platform that can do a fraction of what my iPad can I will agree that you have a point.

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