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Comment: Re:The actual reason (Score 5, Insightful) 375

by fons (#42194055) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Struggles to Ship A Million Units

I agree. Tablets fit with the changed computer behaviour.

Computers and laptops are made for a desk and for work. But when I come home from work, i don't want to work anymore. I want to use my computer as entertainment (facebook, newssites, youtube, ...). Also, I don't want to sit at a desk but comfortably on a couch.

My laptop/netbook is not ergonomic to use on the couch, and my phone is too small. So i use a tablet.

Tablets are here to stay. And they will become the remote (or hub or whatever) for your tv.

Comment: Re:Focus on correctness, not speed Mod up! (Score 1) 330

by fons (#42173275) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: SATA DVD Drives That Don't Suck for CD Ripping?

I wish I had mod points for you.

But honestly, thomasvs, when you come this late to the discussion, AND you have something this interesting to say, I think you are allowed to post it higher in the thread, even if it's not 100% on topic.

I mean, you're politically correct to post it here, but nobody will read it. Isn't that worse than posting SLIGHTLY off-topic higher up in the thread but where it can be an added value to people because they will read it?

Comment: Re:This has to fail - i didn't notice the lag (Score 1) 67

by fons (#36331142) Attached to: OnLive To Launch In UK This Autumn

Have you ever tried OnLive? It's incredibly good.
They do some very smart encoding of the video signal + they work together with ISP's so they have servers within the ISP's network.

We had a demo at the Telco operator I work at. We were super sceptical about real world preformance and our jaws dropped when we saw what OnLive could deliver. Pretty damn good. Not good enough for hard core gamers. But good enough for a casual user like me and 70% of the market.

Only bottleneck for the moment is their catalogue IMO.

+ - A compileable love story->

Submitted by fons
fons (190526) writes "Who said nerds can't be romantic? This guy programmed a short love story. It reads like a well commented piece of code and you can compile it too. In the spirit of the season, it shows how beautiful love (and C) can be! So go ahead and 'make love', then run it. You might have to 'killall love' after running as it will consume 100% CPU. There seems to be a buffer overflow in the program, but you can't really valgrind love, can you ? You sort of have to trust it, as the author says. Patches accepted in the comments!"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:What can they actually do? (Score 1) 140

by fons (#30693614) Attached to: FCC Wants More Time To Craft Broadband Plan

Here's what we have in Belgium:

- The government imposes every operator to have an affordable version of their broadband access. Mostly speed is limited to ADSL speeds of 5years ago and download caps only allow normal surfing/mailing. So most people can afford this.
- If you are unemployed or live on benefits you get this "light" broadband at cheaper prices.
- Once every few years the government will sponsor cheap PC/broadband bundles.

Off course these measures only work because every house is connected to a cable and/or ADSL network.

Comment: Re:At least 10 years too late. (Score 2, Interesting) 525

by fons (#30522180) Attached to: The Last GM Big-Block V-8 Rolls Off the Line

In Europe we also have GM. They're called Opel/SAAB here.

All Opel/SAAB cars have modern competitive diesel engines. So apparently, GM DID invest in new tech.

The question is, why did they not sell those engines/cars in the US?

Maybe because US consumers were not interested? I'm not being arrogant here, that's a real question. I really don't understand.

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.