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Comment: Meh! (Score 1) 197

by folderol (#47687831) Attached to: Is Dolby Atmos a Flop For Home Theater Like 3DTV Was?
Seems people are more interested in the tech than the actual content. If I'm listeing to speech my attention is on what the speaker is saying, not where in the room they appear to be. If it's music, I'm more interested in hearing all the instruments and the dynamics than any positioning that I wouldn't know about anyway.

If you have visual cues then this positioning information will be more effective than playing with sound phase relationships etc. If you don't have such cues then does it matter at all?

Comment: Against man's stupidity... (Score 1) 24

by folderol (#47391953) Attached to: Industrial Control System Firms In Dragonfly Attack Identified
... the gods themselves, contend in vain. The first time I heard of this, my instant thought was that it was utter stupidity to connect any industrial process to the Internet. Since then, every comment I've heard or seen from every source follows the same idea, so why is anyone still doing it?

The cost argument really doesn't fly. Can you imagine the firestorm of compensation claims when (not if) the first major disaster takes place?

Comment: This is daft (Score 1) 305

by folderol (#46823723) Attached to: 'The Door Problem' of Game Design
It all depends on how much real imagination you've got. I designed a text adventure many years ago for the BBC Model B. Doors were based on reality. Some opened inwards, some outwards, some had locks (and you had to get the right key). The nasty ones would swing shut behind you and you'd find there was no handle on the inside.

There were, of course a host of appropriate messages :)

What is far more important is that you have a game plan, room list, alternative routes/actions, and most important of all an objective.

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