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Submission + - Even with Telemetry Disabled, Windows 10 Talks to Dozens of Microsoft Servers ( 1

Motherfucking Shit writes: Curious about the various telemetry and personal information being collected by Windows 10, one user installed Windows 10 Enterprise and disabled all of the telemetry and reporting options. Then he configured his router to log all the connections that happened anyway. Even after opting out wherever possible, his firewall captured Windows making around 4,000 connection attempts to 93 different IP addresses during an 8 hour period, with most of those IPs controlled by Microsoft. Even the enterprise version of Windows 10 is checking in with Redmond when you tell it not to — and it's doing so frequently.

Comment Re:The gun is pointing at the foot (Score 5, Interesting) 388

I'm overwhelmingly a user of Palemoon rather than Firefox. I am extremely satisfied with Palemoon, particularly given the stewardship Mozilla has provided of late.

I hate what Firefox has become. At this point, It's a marketing company with a technology product, not a technology company. I don't like third party applications being inflicted on me. I don't like the state of flux in the UI that has existed since Firefox 26, the change or removal of features I've been using for years. I don't like arbitrary, zero-notice changes to features I'm using. These are all bad things.

But I'm going to stick with a Mozilla-derived browser for as long as humanly possible because all the alternatives seem worse. I like leaving tabs open. Browsers that use One Process-per-tab will annihilate my available RAM. Chrome (-ium), Opera and Safari all lack privacy and security-related addons that I won't surf without. Edge, with no addon support at all and forthcoming "We're gonna try to use Chrome's!", is a complete non-starter. I need Java in a browser for IT operations tasks. Anecdotally, I see as many issues with fake/bad addons in Chrome's Extensions as I did with BHOs in IE6's heyday.

Chrome has gone from the simple, lightweight option to a bloated mess that duplicates a lot of OS functions. I don't even want to load on a low-spec machines any more. I know it's the web's new favorite, but I'd rather take the ham-fisted marketing driven Mozilla mismanagement any day than live in an ecosystem where Noscript and RequestPolicy aren't really available.

Comment Re:Experimental audio support (Score 4, Funny) 312

Does that include Sound Blaster for IBM's MicroChannel Architecture?

No, currently it only supports setting the bit that puts a positive pulse on the PC speaker. Work is in progress on support for resetting that bit, so in the meantime it's a maximum of one click sound per session.

The cool part, though, is that with the microkernel architecture, this is all managed via userspace code!

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 1) 406

It sure as hell is obscure. I would bet good money that 99% of US households do not have a stupid ribbon cable MB header to D-shell adapter on hand. For the vast majority of the population, if they want to plug an old-school serial peripheral into a modern computer, they're going to wait a few days for mail-order shipment before they get to use their device. (Or else get a USB-to-serial converter, which is much more mainstream and might be available locally.) Either way, the serial port is still dead.

And for your information, if you don't have a DVI-to-VGA physical adapter, you simply aren't going to be plugging your VGA monitor into a DVI-only video card. To actually use a port, you need BOTH electrical and physical compatibility. This isn't rocket science.

Comment Re:It was the first standard for video? (Score 2) 406

serial ports were around back when the power cable was still attached

hell serial ports predate computers

9-pin serial ports were a nonstandard "optimization" introduced with the PC/AT, which was in the early 1980s. These ports have arguably have been more dead than the VGA connector for some time. A couple of motherboards I bought this year still happen to have VGA connectors, but no external 9-pin serial port.

Comment Re:Physical media is king (Score 1) 105

Physical media doesn't have an unlimited shelf life due to decay of the physical media. Do your cassettes still work?

When I was a kid in the I bought a box of old cassette albums at a garage sale. Most of them were made in the 1960s, including gems such as "In-A-Gadda Da-Vida" and Wilson Pickett's cover of "Hey Jude". They still work just fine, and I ripped them to mp3s a couple of years ago.

(Those cassettes do feel much heavier than modern ones, and IIRC, they say "Made in Elk Grove Village, IL by Ampex". I suspect that they were quite a bit pricier than the vinyl versions when they were new.)

I've also ripped all my vinyl records, some made in the 1950s, and hundreds of CDs, many going back to the 1980s, without any significant errors. The only format that's had a lot of problems were my handful of 8-track tapes, about half of which had the loop break at the splice or the foam pressure pad disintegrate.

Comment Re:GOP stuck in the past in the pocket of big busi (Score 2) 521

Exactly. He's not in their pocket. He is them.
So once he runs the US, he's going to run it like his company.
Or are you implying that he is somehow going to fuck his own company over just so other companies can make a profit?
Doesn't sound logical to me.

So you'd like to see him run the US as his company. Which would mean that the proceeds of the country's economy become the property himself and his cronies, and everyone else works for wages set to a level competitive with offshore labor.

Man, you people are suckers.

Comment Re:GOP stuck in the past in the pocket of big busi (Score 1) 521

If you don't think he'd act in his own self interest, which is exactly the same interest as his fellow big businesses, then you're a fool.

BTW, this money he supposedly "earned" really ought to be paid out to reimburse the shafted investors in his countless bankrupted ventures. His current wealth is purely a product of gaming the system. In an earlier era, he'd be rotting in debtor's prison at this stage of his life.

Comment Re:Netware 3 (Score 1) 332

The drives have been swapped at least three times over that system's life. The damned thing is using 9GB Seagate X15s right now, albeit only the first ~2GB of them. I've got the database stuff backed up and I think I could make it work on a new box if I had to, but I'm also absolutely positive there's two or three ~18 month old spare X15s sitting on a shelf for the next time I want to swap out the drives.

The thing has also outlives six or seven DDS/DAT drives. Nowadays it just gets copied to a couple flash drives and then on to Crashplan, so I don't worry so much about what Legato thinks it should be doing.

The guy signing the checks does not like change and he paid $35k for this whole custom system back when I was still in high school and he's bound and determined that it's going to run until he decides to retire and/or die.

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