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Comment: Re:what about LATENCY? (Score 1) 179

by fnord_uk (#33667942) Attached to: Codec2 — an Open Source, Low-Bandwidth Voice Codec

Hmm. Well I don't think we disagree here, but I admit my choice of words was poor. If a fireman could hold the key down and block the channel for a lengthy time, then the system would have a design flaw. My point was that the codec has nothing to do with it.

BTW, I'm a radio ham :)

Comment: Witty Mouse (Score 1) 202

by fnord_uk (#28978953) Attached to: The Mice That Didn't Make It

The mouse I got with my 386DX40 was called a Witty Mouse. I think it was rhyming slang though. Sometimes the cursor would move by itself - it was very erratic, but then work normally for a while the next day. Eventually i discovered that the translucent plastic case was a little too transparent - it was my angle-poise lamp shining through the mouse body and affecting the sensor. It worked fine after I painted it ;-)


Comment: Re:Bull (Score 1) 830

by fnord_uk (#27182287) Attached to: Apps That Rely On Ext3's Commit Interval May Lose Data In Ext4

The more distant the target, the more you have to lead

Are you sure about this bit?

If a target is 100m away and moving perpendicularly to my line of sight at 1m/s, and my bullet travels at, say, 100m/s, i'd have to lead him by 1 milli-radian, roughly.

If the same target was 1km away, and moving in a similar fashion, my bullet would take 10 seconds to reach him, and he'd have travelled 10m in that time, subtending an angle of, wait for it ... 1 milli-radian.

Now I suck at trigonometry, so I could be wrong, but I'd be willing to bet your life on it. Please stand next to the 100m marker (I'm not sure I'd make the shot at 1km) and get ready to run when I shout 'now'.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"