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Comment: Re:Void warranty (Score 1) 73

by fnj (#47426515) Attached to: Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize

Brake fluid, yeah. Coolant for the battery, yeah. Steering is electric so you lose there. The transmission has no gear change, so no synchro wear due to shifting. It does have gear oil - NOT "transmission fluid" (that's for automatics).

The gear oil is scheduled for change at 12 years / 250,000 km. Brake fluid and coolant once a year - that sounds incredibly conservative, but you have to understand this car could last you an AWFUL long time, so it doesn't make sense to push such paltry expenses.

Comment: Re:Something missing from the summary (Score 1) 73

by fnj (#47426407) Attached to: Hacking a Tesla Model S Could Net $10,000 Prize

In 2013 the Tesla S scored a Vehicle Safety Score (VSS) better than any other vehicle tested including every major make and model approved for sale in the US. It exceeded not only all other sedans, but all SUVs and minivans. In side pole intrusion, it was the only one scoring "good", night-and-day far better than the the Volvo S60.

If Roger Rodas had been driving a Tesla instead of a Porsche, maybe he and Paul Walker would still be alive. For one thing the car would not have burst into a raging inferno while Paul was stunned by the collision.

Comment: Re:Seems appropriate (Score 4, Insightful) 328

by fnj (#47418845) Attached to: UK Computing Student Jailed After Failing To Hand Over Crypto Keys

[boot up in single user mode so syslog and ntpd are not running]
# date 0417212012
# su - victim
[pigs copy incriminating files at will using cp without -p]
[could change the date numerous times for different files]

Yeah, that's REAL hard. They just planted files with an mtime, ctime, and atime of 2012.

How can timestamps be "out of sync with the rest of the system"? Every file in the system has different timestamps as it is.

Comment: Re:The Future's So Bright (Score 1) 403

by fnj (#47410703) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

I can't wait for this generation to saturate the industry. Fewer bugs, better features, from less nonsense to code programs with. They might even be better as people, with clearer heads. Python might even help you think more clearly.

You want to know what is really funny? What you said works perfectly if taken absolutely on the level.

Comment: Re:another language shoved down your throat (Score 0) 403

by fnj (#47410681) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

now I guess python will be forced fed to people who don't want it

BULLSHIT. Yes, Java has always been a rube goldberg language force fed becausr TPTB always thought it was the coming thing. Python on the other hand is an absolutely perfect first language, elegantly and beautifully designed, simple at core, yet compact, expressive and powerful.

Comment: Re:redundant aircraft (Score 2) 103

Well, it is SUPPOSED to cost half as much as an Osprey, but we know how that goes (cough, F-22, F-35). There will be a long development period first; plenty of time for things to go wrong. Or we could - wait for it - 1443 Ospreys right now with no development wait and risk for $100 billion ($69.3 million flyaway cost per Osprey as of FY 2012).

No way in hell will this thing have more range than an Osprey, and "agility" is unquantified feel-good. And the Osprey's real speed is faster than even the claimed speed of this thing. And it would be one less model to lavish your precious maintenance labor on.

I don't know which scheme would end up preferable if ALL factors were considered, but I do know they DO need to weigh ALL factors. So far all I see in the program is a bunch of gee-whiz gung ho attitude.

Comment: Secret Service job description (Score 1) 175

by fnj (#47406779) Attached to: US Arrests Son of Russian MP In Maldives For Hacking

The US Secret Service is chartered with two utterly unrelated duties:
1) Investigation of financial crimes such as counterfeiting and fraud.
2) Protection of the US protected class of untouchable leaders, as well as visiting foreign dignitaries.

I don't see violation of the rights of third party nationals in foreign lands anywhere in their charter. Surely there are normal cooperative channels to bring the case to the attention of the law enforcement agencies of the foreign lands and also the third party governments.

Violation of the sovereignty of the US by attacking it or its citizens does not seem to be a part of this case.

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