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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 5, Informative) 420

For years [Hitler] kept firing the best generals

I'm afraid you need a citation for this. At least up until the 20 July plot at which point defeat was inevitable anyway, the only significant case that comes to mind is the dismissal of Gerd von Rundstedt, and that was at least 50% a resignation. And Hitler quickly recognized his mistake and restored von Rundstedt.

Now, Stalin was the real example. Shortly before WW2 he purged 5 of his 7 Field Marshalls, 13 of his 15 Army Commanders, 50 of 57 Corps Commanders, 154 of 186 Division Commanders, 16 of 16 Army Commissars, 25 oi 28 Corps Commissars and 8 of 9 Admirals. This was part of a great reign of terror that ripped through the USSR, in which 680,000 persons were executed by being shot in the head. Counting deaths in vicious "detention" in the Gulag and other consequential deaths, it is estimated that 1.2 million died.

There was another purge in 1941, right during the German invasion.

Many of those purged were "executed" - basically murdered.

This insanity was one of the chief reasons why in the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa the Germans cut through the USSR like a knife through butter, despite USSR superiority in numbers and advantage of defense.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 4, Insightful) 143

I just have to ask all you clever little MS types. As Microsoft moves Windows Server closer to a CLI-based operating system, what exactly is the point of Windows now, other than, I suppose Exchange?

Exchange Server is one of the killer points, yes. The other one is Domain Login with the attendant domain-wide security model. As a *nix booster, I must say those two continue to absolutely show up *nix to this day. Those two give more than enough of a "point".

Comment Re:Let vs Lets (Score 5, Informative) 114

Pirate Bay Now Let[sic] you stream...[deranged insults over perfectly good English]

"Organization do" (singular) is proper British usage and is dominant in most English speaking locales. "Organization does" (singular) is Americanized pidgin. Get some elementary knowledge, stop the uninformed insults, and lose the provincial attitude. It's a big world and it does not rotate around the United States. Less and less every year does it do so.

Comment Re:Pity the birds (Score 2) 178

On the contrary, this is probably the best way to make windmills bird-safe. The bigger the blades, the slower they'll move.

The RPM will be slower, but I very much doubt the tip speed will be substantially slower. I'm pretty sure the design tip speed is fundamentally a certain percentage of the wind speed, independent of the design disk diameter. That's certainly the way propellers work.

It's the tip speed that kills. As a matter of fact, larger blades are probably harder to avoid, because as they rotate they are coming from farther away.

Comment Re:Just use whatever the Germans do (Score 3, Informative) 315

Spoken like a true cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Jackass. Wild guess, but just in case you're USAian (I am), FYI there wouldn't be a USA if France (also Spain and the Netherlands) 240 years ago hadn't intervened in the struggle. Key material and funding and morale support was provided from the beginning. Lafayette arrived in 1777 and stood with Washington through the critical Valley Forge ordeal. In 1778 France entered into an outright alliance.

The USA suffered 6824 battle deaths during the Revolution; the French, 10,000.

France lost 1,150,000 sons in battle in WW1. Together with Russia (1,800,000) they bore the brunt of the fighting. The entire British Empire lost 734,000. The USA? 53,000 - about (but not quite) the same figure as Canada, and almost exactly the same number as Australia.

In one and one half months of fighting in the Battle of France in WW2, the French suffered 360,000 casualties. Compare to 1.1 million military casualties by the US (four times the population of France) in three and one half years of fighting.

Now, terrible blunders were committed during the Battle of France (by Britain as well as France). Together they matched the German forces numerically, with almost twice the artillery and almost 50% more tanks, and they were decisively beaten with tactics, strategy, fighting proficiency, and superior air power. Britain was able to withdraw to an unassailable island. France was not.

But the French Resistance strove bravely and effectively for four years, and the Free French forces withdrawn to Britain fought on.

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