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Comment It's the WEB - not Windows 8 that is killing sales (Score 1) 1010

This is not about Windows 8, this is about the web - the web is killing new PC sales. This trend started ever since Windows XP which coincided with the great shift of the net from a publishing platform to an application platform. Simply put, we don't need newer and faster computers to use all the web sites and web-based apps that we know and care about. Even gaming hasn't been pushing the need for people to upgrade as fast anymore. This is not about windows 8, it's about the maturation of the computing industry as a whole. We current needs most people have for computers is still well served by 5 year old hardware.

Comment i'm not a leader, i'm an influencer/educator (Score 2, Interesting) 50

I personally wouldn't call myself a 'leader in the code community'. I think Rod Johnson, Don Box, and Gavin Kings are leaders in the code community. They are leading it in new directions. What I've basically been doing over the years is provide focal point for the community to track itself and stay informed, and make sure that important new directions led by others get the air time and discussion they deserve. If anything I am an influencer, maybe an educator. I think of myself as more as a public servant, not necessarily a leader. is the latest vision for an online community covering the whole enterprise software space, providing one place to track change and innovation in those communities. I welcome everyone to visit. :) Floyd Marinescu

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