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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Car Dealer Attempts to Raise Price Retroactively (

fm6 writes: Haven't had your weekly outrage fix this week? Here you go:

We've all had experiences with car dealers that try to put on the squeeze, with bogus charges and warranties that never seem to actually cover anything. But now Walser Chrysler in Hopkins MN has raised the bar for creatively squeezing extra money out of a customer: they claim a customer still owes them money, even though she's already paid for the car.

Last October, Tammie Townsend paid Walser $11,639 to purchase a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica she had been leasing. This was about $6000 less than the amount specified on the original lease agreement for conversion to a purchase, and much closer to the Blue Book value of the car. Blaming a "clerical error", Walser claims that Townsend should have known that the price was wrong, and is demanding that she pay the difference or return the car. They've even tried to repo the car,. Townsend's husband, who recently lost his job, claims the stress of dealing with Walser exceeds that of unemployment. Meanwhile, Doug Sprinthall, Walser's operations director, states that if the error had been the other way, they certainly would have reimbursed Townsend!

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