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Find a good dowser, you know, successful. Ask nicely if you can watch him work. Keep track of the fruits of his labor, you know, if the well produces or not. Seems simple enough, worked for me.
I guess you could try , There is a Google map there ,so you can find a chapter near you.

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It is a rational enough solution that the military used it successfully in Vietnam to find Charlies tunnels.
I've actually seen a dowser work, actually seen spots found to drill water, oil and gas wells that paid off!
Everything is a pseudoscience until some geek FINDS the rationality in it.
From what I have seen, dowsing involves getting your brain to an alpha state, a relaxed mode and letting what amounts to intuition guide you. Whether the dowser then utilizes an L-shaped rod, a pendulum, a stick, a sausage or whatever is of no matter, as it is only a visual indicator of their "intuition", actuated by their hand.
Apparently, some abilify themselves to dowse, some just don't get it, and it takes some practice. I suggest tossing a handful of coins around the lawn to practice finding, or identifying your water and sewer lines. I'm not terribly good beyond these excercises, but it has come in handy finding folks their lines so they don't dig into them to plant trees in their yard.

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The part that has me giggling is; cops are so fucking ignorant, it's only a matter of seconds before one of their Log/Pass gets spread around long enough for anyone on the internet to D/L anyones details.
NSA is stupid for providing it
FBI is stupid for approving it
Local cops are just plain stupid.

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by flyneye (#47755261) Attached to: Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

The Kochs shill for their holdings in power companies by spreading bullshit about wind and solar power.
The Kochs shill for Mike Pompeo so he will do their dirty work in Washington.
It wouldn't surprise me to find that they hold stock in some major ISPs.
It wouldn't surprise me to find that they have private nurses to give the enema bag that little extra squeeze.
I'm so tired of hearing how they claim to be Libertarian. I swear they registered just for the publicity.
BUT, it's o.k. they're old and will die soon.

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by flyneye (#47736379) Attached to: Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth

Wouldn't it be more effective to open more trade with Russia and introduce them to more of our culture? That'll put them flat on their ass. Give them all the Coke, Meth, Gay Rights, Westboro Baptist, Al Sharpton, Ku Klux Klidiots, Hollywood, Ferguson and throw in a GIANT Double Helping of Illegal Mexican Immigrants who want rights, Indian Casinos, Kochs, Polygamous Mormons, "potpourri", industrial pork, McDonalds, WalMart, PBS and Diane Feinstein. Just see if that doesn't set them back a ways...

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