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Comment: Door handles? FACE CRADLES? Germs,, (Score 0) 215

by flying squirrels (#38481620) Attached to: Face-Scanning Vending Machine Denies Children Access To Pudding
I don't like this face scanning thing. What if the dude before me has Stuxnet virus and I put my face in the scanner. Now I gotta reboot all my damn servers. I wouldn't even touch a common bathroom sink tap. What if the kid is wearing a mask? What if they ask a grown up to get one for them? How well does this scanner work when you rock the machine? How long till somebody decides to put sneezing powder on the scanner. Good idea though, those kids got too much damn freedom. I say we limit their water and air supply as well.

Comment: Underwater exploration (Score 0) 112

by flying squirrels (#38080806) Attached to: Life-Bearing Lake Possible On Icy Jupiter Moon
Prominent cave expedition leader Bill Stone, who's discovered some of the deepest caves in north and south America also fathered one of the first non-military re-breathers for long term scuba dives. Among being a type-a prick, he's also created a cave exploration machine (called Depth-X/Endurance) that NASA will one day send to Europa to explore the depths. Using techniques used in mapping Florida's Wakulla Springs cave system, he's implemented such technologies as ice for fuel, autonomous surveying and nice 3d mapping algorithms, and maybe even microbial life detection which all the while can be sent back to us through the vastness of space. Pretty cool stuff if you wonder how the F they're gonna explore under the surface and setup a Starbucks. Check out more of this marvelously mustached man: (http://www.stoneaerospace.com)

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