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Comment: I'm already speaking with my wallet (Score 1) 664

by flyfishin (#26199963) Attached to: Will People Really Boycott Apple Over DRM?
I'm already speaking with my wallet concerning iTunes DRM. I'll buy from the iTunes store if the song I want is an iTunes plus(DRM free) song, otherwise I buy music from Amazon. Amazon has a nice tool that integrates the music right into iTunes so you get the best of both worlds, DRM free and easy to use interface. 90% of my purchases over the last year have been from Amazon. At the same time I'm educating my 6th grader about why he should buy DRM free music. It seems to be getting through. You've got to start somewhere.

Microsoft's Mundie Sees a Future In Spatial Computing 89

Posted by Soulskill
from the i-can-only-see-the-future-with-my-magic-8-ball dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Speaking at the MIT Emerging Technology Conference, Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie explained that he sees the industry evolving into 'spatial computing,' and he envisions a 3-D virtual world populated by virtual presences, using a combination of client and cloud services. 'In a few months, the compay plans to test a new virtual reception assistant in some of its campus buildings. The assistant, which takes the form of an avatar, helps schedule shuttle reservations to get people to various locations across the 10-million-square-foot Redmond, Wash., campus. The system includes array microphones and natural language processing by which the avatar listens to the subjects and then interacts with them in real time. The system has been programmed to differentiate people by their clothing. Someone in a suit, for instance, would more likely be a visitor and not a potential shuttle rider.'"

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