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Comment Beta is gone (Score 1) 12

For me beta.slashdot.org was way nicer than the current main site, and in fact I removed slashdot.org from my web browser history so that slashdot-arrow-down would bring me there instead. Sad to see it gone.

I imagine some of its features will be eventually brought to the main site, but as history has shown, the vocal /.tters are allergic to change.

Comment Re:Comment (Score 1) 168

They get the energy and the clock signal from the 'receiver'. So they don't even need a crystal. But as long as they have those two available, they can perform any kind of computations. As longer computations need more clock pulses, it could be that advanced crypto algorithms could increase the time-to-validate annoyingly.

Comment Insecure? (Score 1) 168

Doesn't seem actually quite that easy though in practice. Some RFID tags employ a challenge/response mechanism.

If someone does have such a solution available, though, I'm interested! A colleague tried to reuse the tags at work for some other purposes by writing a custom reader for them, but I think he gave up due to those issues.

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