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Comment: Re:Better than a tail light? (Score 1) 856

by flukus (#28555467) Attached to: Bike Projector Makes Lane For Rider
Actually it seems to be the opposite. Drivers will generally notice a flashing light and not cut out on/in front of you. With a solid light they frequently don't notice you at all. Maybe they only give way because they can't tell how far away the light source is, but it keeps me alive so I don't really care.

Mitochondria and the Prevention of Death 453

Posted by kdawson
from the wrestling-the-dead-back-to-life dept.
H_Fisher writes "Research into mitochondria — small structures within a cell that have their own DNA — suggests that they may be a cause of cellular death, according to Newsweek. The article The Science of Death: Reviving the Dead reports on people who have recovered from sudden death due to cardiac arrest through the use of medically induced hypothermia. The cooling process may help stop the death of brain and heart cells initiated by the mitochondria once they are deprived of oxygen. The article goes on to probe delicately at the question of where a person's personality 'is' between death and later revival, and describes several ongoing scientific studies of near-death experiences."

+ - ShareSource: New web2.0 site like SourceForge 1

Submitted by
TimGws writes: "ShareSource, a new system written in Australia is now open for business. The system, similar to other sites such as SourceForge and Google Code allows for collaborative development. The site is new and funky, and also easy to use. It has been designed so that even a grandmother could report a bug!"

The Escapist 197

Posted by timothy
from the out-the-door dept.
Stanislav Blingstein writes "Cyberpunk just got a whole lot darker. The Escapist , by James Morris, takes the genre into a gloomy alley and gives it a good kicking. The main character, Bentley Dean, is more than just an anti-hero: he seems to enjoy being bad. His cast of accomplices aren't much better, either, and some are far worse. Most are pretty cartoon-like, too. But you still can't help liking Bentley Dean. He brings a certain charm to being a hacker with a cold-blooded killing streak." Read on for Blingstein's review.

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